• Well, Of course!

    In fortnite all you do is run around on a big island shooting people. In minecraft you could do that and so much more! There are entire YouTube channels decided to Minecraft. And Minecraft actually has some lore to it. And if Fortnite players think Minecraft is so bad then why is it getting a (possible) movie in 2022?

  • Minecraft, And wayyyy better

    This is quite a simple answer for me. I grew up with Minecraft, I still gave Fortnite a try, But it was absolute garbage. I'm pretty sure people started playing it cause it grew so popular, But now its just weird and cringy. At least Minecraft offers a lot more options than Fortnite. The answer is really simple, And I've said it enough already, So I'm just gonna end my argument here.

  • I believe YES.

    Minecraft is simply a beautiful game that has made so many peoples lives and careers. It can be whatever you want - Fortnite doesn't offer that. Look at the community. Look at these massive youtubers who have gotten everything because of Minecraft. You can argue the same for fortnite but all the game offers is just fighting - what appeals to young kids and what has gained them this audience. To see more on my opinion about this topic look at my debate, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for reading. :)

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