• Minecraft is better

    Minecraft is educational because it enhances creativity, Problem-solving, Self-direction, Collaboration, And other life skills. . . . Importantly, Minecraft also instills business principles, STEM knowledge, And a global perspective. Both fun and educational, Mojang has put a lot of work
    into there game, While challenging in hardcore mode you may change your skill stetting and meeting up wit friend and strangers that may become you friends

  • Minecraft is much better

    You can't just compare a tf2 rip off with an original game that provides creativity, Actual fun and endless memories. In minecraft the only limit is your imagination. The game is also educational, It can teach coding and other things like that. The community is not as toxic as for example roblox and overwatch. Proof is that just from seeing the articles of the people who disagree with this article. I mean, One of the guys is literally called "Dickchick". And trust me i have played overwatch on several occasions in the past. Just never enter the voice chat, Never! . I have had bad experiences in the past that still haunt me till this day

  • Minecrafts is better

    Less violence, More creativity, Servers, Mods, Mobs, Easy to play, Not frustrating unless in hardcore, Defy laws of physics, Fun, Amusing, Cubic, Helps people understand the bases of life, Shows rarity of things, Can have lots of products of it, Lots of money to be made, Lots of youtube doing Minecraft. Only good things

    Posted by: GDMO
  • Minecraft is better

    It provides creativity, Games, Servers and a good multiplayer and singleplayer experience. Minecraft also teaches people. It can teach people about chemistry, Science and history. It also provides a new way of thinking with command blocks and redstone. As well as this Minecraft is arguably an art form, As said by Vox, It has fueled companies such as the building company Blockworks, And the server Hypixel, As well as providing a medium of free speech as shown in the Uncensored Library a library where you see articles that are oppressed in nations that don't have free speech.

  • Minecraft is for gays

    I heard Alex is actually a femboy and is dating Steve, Which is gay as hell. I don't actually approve of Overwatch either, But I do hate it less than Minecraft, So I just went with Overwatch. Overall, Pong is the purest form of video games there is, And a game everyone should play.

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