• Minecraft is original

    Way back in 2008 i played minecraft beta because my friends told me it was awesome and over the years iv seen cheap knockoffs like pixle gun and other shooting games but with newer updates gives us servers and that makes minigames witch is fine because thats on the real game and iv played blockheads and it is really bad

  • O heck ya

    I have been playing Minecraft since 2008 and its been a passion of mine I always loved playing it and when I saw blockheads I thought this is just a copy and worse version of minecraft. In minecraft you can play with other people and you can expand your horizon with many different builds I just love minecraft it is very fun you can have Flat land world and much more with creative adventure maps or just fun survival

  • I'm 51% yes and 49% no

    I love both games and play both games.I knew Minecraft before Blockheads.I do play Blockheads more then Minecraft but I like Minecraft more because you can do way more on it then Blockheads.In Minecraft you can do survival or creative mode and in blockheads you can't.In Minecraft in creative mode you can build to your imagination and in blockheads you can but you have to get that supplies yourself.

    What one do you like better? !Vote now!

  • You don't need to spend money on Blockheads.

    Both Minecraft Pocket Edition and PC Minecraft cost money. I can't play Minecraft since I'm not allowed to spend money on games. Blockheads is a free-for-all game that anyone can download. Minecraft has survival and creative... BUT HEY! Blockheads just recently added a new update with a CUSTOM WORLD, which is just like Creative mode in Minecraft, but there are more options! You don't have to get all the stuff! You can choose your own free items when you're at spawn. You can change the amount up to 99. The awesome thing about that is... YOU CAN GET YOURSELF 99 JETPACKS or DIAMONDS!!! For free! Also, if you want a Flat land world, you can go to your options and choose "Totally Flat" in the Terrain options. See? By the way, YOU CAN PLAY WITH OTHER PLAYERS because there are MULTIPLAYER SERVER worlds!!! You should all check out the new awesome updates, see if you'll change your minds, people!

  • Deeez nutz ha

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FacelessBonnie59 says2015-12-15T13:27:07.493
Minecraft is soooooooooooooo much freakin better.