• MInecraft is better

    MInecraft has more games in the gae which you can code. Basically, you can make minecraft into any game if you do the right codings. Also, it is less violent and the pvp is way funner than roblox, watching form the sides and just doing nothing. SO ROBLOX JUST SUCKS!

  • Minecraft is better

    Mine-craft has been around for longer and roblox is just a play off of it along with terraria. Mine-craft is bigger and has conventions year round. I don't think i've ever heard of a roblox convention. Mine-Craft is a game that will most likely be around forever and still gets updated constantly

  • I hate both games i really do

    FUCK MINECRAFT FUCK ROBLOX i hate both games they are both terrible and for 2 year olds which whoever the hell made this opinion likely is, I just hate these games Fuck minecraft And Fuck roblox I HATE EVERYTHING OKAY SO DONT JUDGE ME FUcking assholes i hate videogames And i also hate Fortnite

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