• You can do anything!

    You get loads of good graphics and ores: iron gold diamond emerald and coal. You can make TNT to wreck and battle epic bosses and mobs to be the champion. You may even breed some derpy piggies and cows and sheep. I hate survival though as I die way too much.

  • Very gucci game

    If you think mein kampf is bad you have a doo doo brain. You also don't relize that you can make your own skins! 11! 11! Thats epic. And don't fight with me. Im 10 and a HALF. Thats realy old.
    So remembber that mien kampf is very ccooooll. Oh yaa yaa

  • Its simplicity is indulging

    Minecraft is based on mostly patient work on projects, The way to really enjoy the game is to put on some music or maybe a youtube/TV show and just enjoy it. The whole point is not to do everything and go on to the next game, But rather to start it as slow as possible and enjoy the pace.

  • It is a game

    Minecraft is a game. The game is very good. I like the game a lot. You can get creative. I just have one question: Why do you have to write 50 words to submit this. Anyways, I spent over 1000 hours in Minecraft, It is really awesome. I love it.

  • It is very adventuras

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  • It was, in the Alpha

    I began playing the game when it was very young, and I watched it grow and thrive, until the youtubers came and the fanbase was overrun. Minecraft today is a hellish wreck of screeching children and try-hard adults. Minecraft at one point had a glorious fanbase, with tons of helpful people and cool worlds.

  • Yes it is.

    Minecraft is fun. You choose your goal. You can build amazing things, survive nights, battle mobs, travel to the Nether and End, defeat the Wither and Enderdragon, play epic servers on multiplayer, and much, much more.

    The possibilities are infinite.

    Get the game:

    I love Minecraft, and if you stick with it, you will too.

  • Minecraft is an amazing game

    Minecraft is a game where your imagination is only your limit. You can create wondrous works or survive the nights against the evil creatures of the dark. What makes Minecraft so great is that "it has no objective" because you make the objective, you do what you want, have fun, the game will not stop you on doing what you want and with a bustling community (although they are REALLY childish) you will really have a blast with this game!
    Remember: "Your imagination is your limit".

  • Well, DUH it's fun!!!

    There are many servers that people make and you can practice Minecraft architecture and things like that. It gets the creative spin out of you, and that is always fun. Also, it is a different kind of game. Not a lot of games are made out of blocks where you can make things and kill mobs and survive on survival or hardcore, or just play around on creative to build amazing houses and castles and palaces.

  • It's probably more appealing to creative people, since it requires lots of creativity.

    You can do practically anything in Minecraft, with imagination.Creative people will probably like it more, since the game doesn't have any specific goals, and thus the players will have to set a goal themselves.There's a big community resolving around the game, and it has a lot of mods that enhance the experience.

  • No Objective.... Mods Really??

    The game has no plot or objective. I would say everyone that plays the game uses mods(modifications). If a game was actually fun to begin with, people would not need, and not play with mods. Also, most entertaining games are competitive. Cod, battlefield, Halo, Mortal Kombat all contain some version of pVp play.
    Most of the game without any mods is just building things. How long does that take to get boring? I wouldn't give it any longer than Angry birds. 5 mins.

  • Minecraft died after its Beta.

    Minecraft was a generic sandbox game that snagged the attention of younger audiences, I would know this because I got my first Minecraft Account when I was about Eleven. It's been dying out for me and I never really thought that high of it. It's nothing like Complex Sandbox games like Gmod. In a sense it's become a Roblox 2.0, but if you want me to go on and elaborate further I will debate someone on the subject.

  • It was fun at first

    I loved the very first start in Minecraft. Everything was new to me and it was one of the most fun games I have played to date. The multiplayer open a whole new world to me. It was fun. Had the game since 1.0 however coming up to 1.8 the game has died down and become less fun.

  • It gets boring

    I wasted 2 months on that game and then i ran out of things to do! I was hooked and did nothing but it. Then when I finally built every my mind would let me I stopped playing. I am not going to lie it was fun at first but I got bored

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