Is minecraft good and should it be used in schools?

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  • Minecraft has plenty of possibilities for school

    Minecraft education edition does its job well, Restricting kids from just playing whatever they want, And making them learn. Normal Minecraft is also acceptable, It promotes creativity and growth. I personally play Minecraft a lot and I really enjoy tinkering with Redstone. The Redstone is the hardest part, But that means it supports growth as people only grow in times of difficulty.

  • It has a lot of good for school.

    The Minecraft game is amazingly one of the best games, And I think it should go into schools and it shouldn't. One reason is that it is good for coding, Creativity, And building, Also it could help with getting calm and helping you control yourself if you're having a bad day. Those are the Pros.

    The cons would be that: people could take advantage of this helpful game and they could just play and mine and play with their friends. That is my opinion on the games and why Overall I think it should be in school.

  • What kind of question is that

    YES. Minecraft supports creativity with building (Especially with REDSTONE inventions) And maybe provide quicker reflexes and better hand eye coordination (Which can be important) during PVP. The education edition is also good which teaches chemistry. Oh and if students are playing minecraft when the teacher wants them to, He/she can just put in the chat: /Kill @e

  • I honestly think it should

    When i was in school, It taught me arrays, How to be really creative, And if you use it correctly it can help teach math. It can also give kids a really fun break and it lets their minds wander like it did when i used to play it lol

  • As owner of this

    I am 9 i love it for all the karens that say its violent go suffer in hell because you never played it i bet 2 thousand bucks lol theres an Educational edition but its bad so buy the real game and set the game to educational connect to a wifi students are in and i don't know if it is in java but LAN games should have the world name and person who owns it they will join i would make a spawn hub before you get in class and have what to do example Redstone or Coding with command blocs make paths to each work station i would reccomend teaching redstone then coding because you can partner both so take that karens

  • Not at all

    I don't play it so I might be wrong but it sounds boring. What do you even do there? I feel like Minecraft is more of a video game then a education site. There's just to many bugs I heard from the education version. Overall This game is pretty good for creativity but its pretty boring too.

  • Not that good

    Its not that fun. The game might be fun but there's not that much to do then discover, Create, Mine, Craft, Pet, Fight, And play Minecraft. Roblox is better in my opinion because they have a varieties of games to play. As much as I love blowing TnT and making huge holes in this game, Its still has some drawbacks. For the education, It works but depending of the owner and if its a kid, Well they can just kick the teacher out.

  • Mix to it

    Pros: its okay for learning and is pretty fun. The TnT is so fun to blow up and make massive holes.

    Cons: you just mine and craft. You fight, Build, Craft, Mine, And explore. The tnt might be fun, But Roblox is better in my opinion. But its still fun.

  • It think that Minecraft is easily one of the greatest games ever made and it has left a positive impact on many people.

    But no, It should not be used for education. Incorporating video games into education only will make kids more video game eccentric. It's distracting and frankly pointless. And children can trail off in the education edition and do as they please. Its just a pointless endeavor when we could be really teaching our kids.

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