Is Minority Report a good depiction of what life could be like in 2054?

Asked by: Spenser4Hire
  • I believe so.

    I personally think that the year 2054 could be like that as what they describe in the films. Already 10 years after the film was made the world already looks like the one from the film. We may not have Pre crime or other such technologies. But the Kinect interface seems to be like the ones that the film uses.

  • Definitely a Mixed Bag

    While there is no doubt that some of the technology showcased in the movie could be totally feasible by 2054, there are other parts that make the movie less believable. As a society, we tend to value human and civil rights and liberties more, not less as time goes by. The flagrant human rights abuses involved in the story line would be unacceptable. The very concept of pre-crime defies several of our constitutional principles. The way the pre-cogs and the prisoners are treated make this movie a very improbable depiction of the future.

  • No, I doubt it that it is an accurate depiction.

    I do not think that a fictional movie is a good depiction of what life could be like in 2054. We honestly have no way to tell or to know what life will be like that far in advance. I honestly do not think it will anything like what is depicted in Minority Report. The movie was a work of fiction.

  • We Will Not Live in a World as Depicted by the Minority Report

    First of all the movie from roughly a decade ago, is a cinematic compellation of the 1956 book, where the main plot was that murders were prevented by 3 mutants who could foretell the future. There’s the first knock against the film, and the book. We will not be having any mutants foretelling the future in 2054, unless of course, George Orwell’s prediction of an alien invasion happens first. The world may have a few characteristics reflective of a small amount of the negligible details depicted in the Minority Report, but in general, we will not live in a world similar to what is foretold.

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