Is misandry (hatred of men) a issue in today's society?

Asked by: purpleduck
  • Yes it is, And it's obvious

    1. No one cares about the mass genital mutilation of infant males in this country. 2. A man cannot express an opinion that is contrary to the feminist ideology without being labelled a bigot. And even when we aren't challenging feminism, Our opinions are worth less because we are the oppressor. 3. We're viewed as the oppressor. A lot more of us are homeless than CEO's. 4 speaking of homelessness, Men don't have nearly the amount of shelters women to go to when our lives turn upside down. 5. The idea that men's problems don't matter. Just look to the column on the right and I bet you find an example of that. 6. The draft. 7. It's legally defined that a woman can't rape a man, It's "forced insertion". I could go on but I need to get to work.

  • Women deserve and demand equal rights with men. However, They must accept that they need to pay equally as well.

    Parental rights are weighted heavily against men and it is considered by most women that they should gain custody of their children after a divorce or separation. Also women often receive a lesser sentence for a crime than a man. These are two examples of misandry that occur regularly in everyday life.

  • Misandry is a much larger problem than we want to admit. . .

    . . . But the only reason it's not being identified as such is because most men do not report it. This is happening, Mainly due to a concerted effort, Especially by the mainstream media, To keep it that way, Labelling men who speak out as being less of a man or somewhat complaining.

  • Misandry is spreading via online platforms.

    Most women that I know are not feminists; more and more are rejecting the feminist narrative but those that still buy into it are becoming more and more radical. #killallmen, "Boys are stupid: throw rocks at them", The examples are too many to count. Feminism is fast becoming synonymous with misandry and it is considered acceptable.

    It isn't acceptable, And it IS an issue in today's society.

  • Misandry is ABSOLOUTELY NOT an issue in ANY case!

    All men are rapists, murderers, and pigs. They just are. They've been killing and raping women for hundreds of years, and it's not going to stop unless something is done about it. Feminists are too scared to admit that they hate men, and try to sugar-coat it. The only way to stop men from killing and raping women, is to just do away with them completely. You want to have a kid? Just go to a local sperm bank where sperm is cryogenically frozen. Wouldn't the world be such a much better place without men?

  • The system hates men

    Family law is biased to favor women as "victims" and men as "abusers" and go to the extreme when offering them "counsel" and "advice". I am a male In an area where the mental health supports are low to non-existant. Yet Victim Services does absolutely nothing to help these people; we are discarded as trash, yet many of us still struggle with our own demons of abuse.

  • The effect on the long term well being of boys growing up will be catastrophic.

    More and more unnatural assumptions are put forward as being the righteous way to behave. Young men and boys are demonized just for being male. This has gone too far. As for the misandry shown by the likes of Jess Phillips calling the women "Bait" and therefore insinuating that all the men there were animals - well I rest my case. Presidents club - not news.

  • Online sexism against men out weighs sexism against women.

    I did an honest non bias search on multiple search engines and sexism against men is WAY more prevalent than women. If sexism is so bad why is it ok to hate men? I had the hardest time finding the disgusting hate that women post with men, its absolute disgusting hypocrisy!

  • All Lives Matter

    I believe that in this society women claim that they are oppressed, while oppressing men who disagree with this statement. I believe that we are all equal, and if women want equality in the world, then they are going to have to accept that they aren't as oppressed as they think

  • Dimorphism cannot be politically or socially destroyed

    No matter how much socionormative and political power the hatred of men gains, it cannot change the fact that men and women are in some ways biologically and psychologically different yet share many things in common and need each other. Every politically and socially driven mass oppression ends in revolution. Push hard enough against peoples' freedoms and they will push back. There is no need to smash down men and create a world of retributive hopelessness for them just because women were egregiously socially discriminated against in the past. If people can't understand this, then the media driven mass hatred of human dimorphism will just go on and on. Social change should be driven by a desire for equality of opportunity, not outcome, and compassion for one's fellow humans, not driven by violent hatred with the resultant coersive, political smashing down of innocent people.

  • There are too many dangerously active misogynists out there for us to be worrying about a few mislabeled "men-haters".

    I find that feminists are often called "men-haters" by men who think feminism is a threat to their masculinity (i.E. "meninists"). This, of course, is an incorrect statement. Feminists fight for equality, not against men. Have you ever heard of a woman killing or abusing a man just because he was a man? I haven't -- but I've heard of men doing that to women because they're women. It's on the news all the time -- too often, I think. Misandry isn't a problem.

  • Pfft, no its not.

    Misandry is only being practiced by a very small fraction of ultra-extreme feminists whose voices we as a society have already blocked out. Theyre very low numbers, lack of any organization, and complete lack to act on their beliefs even in the slightest suggests that misandry is not an issue in today's society due to how little it can even be heard in the first place, since it only seems to have a voice in the hell-hole that is the internet.

  • Misandry isn't bruised feelings

    When a woman complains about misogyny, It's because she makes less money, She is harassed, She is abused. These stats are well reported and known facts in the general society.

    When a man complains about misandry, It's because he is hurt a woman said he's wrong, Or maybe called him a name. This isn't actually misandry -- it may be rude, It may be offensive, But it is not misandry.

    As in, Women disagreeing with men is not misandry, That is what equality actually looks like. Women being rude is also not misandry -- women and men alike might be rude.

    When men earn less than women, Hold less powerful positions, And are more often the victims of domestic abuse, We can start talking about how misandry is an issue. Until then, This is really a backlash against women finding voices to speak up.

  • I think people misinterpret women criticising men as hating them. Even though within men's discussions we always criticise women without a second thought.

    Men exaggerate and dramatise when some women critique some men. The saying where you have to be as slow as your slowest player even though you could be miles ahead, Is about teamwork and society. Some men are EXTREMELY sexist and I don't know how. But when alright men say 'not all men', It doesn't matter you have to shut up and help those men for their misguided views, And try and understand why they think that.

  • Misandry is not an issue in our society

    Will it be one day? Maybe. But as of now? NO! I believe in equal rights for men and women alike. We are both amazing, capable creatures made in the image of God. What I don’t believe in is the fact that misandry is, in any country of the world, a bigger issue then misogyny. Throughout history, men have claimed to have the upper hand. Women fought against this, but men did not approve.
    There are people who hate men. But this hate is not expressed or enacted upon enough to become a big issue. Misogyny, meanwhile, is an ongoing problem. Most women are determined human beings, hard workers who have helped to build the fundamentals of this equalist society. Does this mean that men are not? No. But men, and all those who have been born with a privileged trait (white skin, Christian family, heterosexuality, etc) are raised knowing that everything is going to be okay. That no one is lurking around the corner to kill them. Men, while not necessarily the killers, do not have to worry about these things. Women may then feel an unjustified but somewhat understandable bias towards men. Wouldn’t you, if all your life you were told to stand behind a kitchen sink and cook for your husband and obey him when you (not in all cases, but let’s just say this one) are smarter, more capable, and more open then him?
    Misogynistic attitudes will continue forever. It’s like the German Jews. When the Germans fell, they blamed the Jewish population. They made themselves superior, and killed the Jews. Women are being killed on the streets, and those who do survive are killed a little everyday by comments everywhere, telling them to stop being them and start being something that pleases men's eyes.

  • Of course not

    It is completely stupid to suggest it is an actual issue. No men ever seem to feel the reprocusions of misandry, where as speak to any non mysogynistic women and they will tell you they have experienced reprocusions of mysoginy. There's an issue when it makes one sex feel scared to be in public by themselves, one one sex receive less money for the same work, when one sex are expected to raise a family and aspire to marriage while the other is not. A few boys getting upset because their years of Male privilege are coming to an end is not an issue.

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