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Is Misandry ("Yes" button) or Misogyny ("No" button) worse in the US?

Asked by: Da_AcidKritana
  • Misandry is bigger.

    Misandry is bigger than misogyny in the US. This is obvious.

    - Child custody unfair against fathers. (A reanalysis of a study found that when mothers request custody, They get it 65% more than fathers. )

    - Suicide. (79%, Or 4 out of 5, US suicides are male. )

    - Workplace death. (Over 90%, About 93%, Of workplace deaths are male. )

    - Police killings. (94 to 95% of those killed by poice are male. Almost 1000 to over a 1000 men are killed by police each year, While only between 30 to 50 women are killed by police each year. That is between 19 to over 20 times more male. )

    - Gay bashing. (Gay men are more than 5 times as likely as lesbians to become a victim of a hate crime. )

    - Gender pay gap. (Even though women only earned 79 cents for every dollar that men made, Women only worked 75% of hours that men did. )

    - Rape. (In normal population, 55% of rape victims are male, While about 50 to 51% of rapists are male. Including prison population, To shoots up to as much as 72% of victims are male with a similar number of female perpetrators. )

    - False accusations. (It's higher than 2 to 8%, With some estimations up to 25 to 26%. Over half of rapes in India are estimated to be false. It doesn't matter how many there are anyway - one is too many. )

    - Anti-atheism. (I have only ever been able to find anything about male atheists getting attacked, Even though I've searched several times for female cases. This appears to be happening despite the fact that many male and female atheists are out. )

    - Bacha Bazi. (Basically, Boys aged 8 to 17 used as cross-dressing sex slaves for adult men. Can either be kidnapped, Sold by their families, Or forced to become one for shelter/food. )

    - Catholic sex abuse cases. (As little as 85% or so of Catholic child sex abuse victims are male. Some estimations believe that up to 95% of victims are male. )

    - Animal abuse. (If I remember correctly, About 78% or so of animal abuse victims are male. )

    - Much more.

    This is what I stand to stop.

  • Misogyny is worse.

    - single mothers with the respsponsibility of childcare on the mother, And society crying for the right for men not to pay child support, And then being blamed for "not keeping their legs closed"
    - condescending sex-based comments are still common in gaming communities
    - a majority of rapes go unproven with the rapists deflecting blame onto their victims with society crying for equal contraception for both men and women rather than just women
    - men are more likely to be unsupportive of LGBT people including gay men and trans women, Putting down effeminate looks or actions in their own sex and using homophobic slurs for "fun"
    - plenty of places still don't support a woman's right to her own body via the choice of abortion causing women to go further away to get an abortion or seek criminal routes to get an abortion; imagine being arrested for getting or trying to get an abortion and being forced to give birth in jail? "slut" shaming causing women to keep pregnancies that they might not be ready to take care of and young girls dropping out of school because of shame.

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