Is misandry (yes) or misogyny (no) worse in today's system?

Asked by: Cat47
  • All men are being accused.

    All men are being labeled as contributing to the attack on women but bringing up the problem in the first place is women attacking men. Men are over and over criticized about all the advantages we have, and the ones we have are strictly because women are incapable of the same job, and not because they are any less of a person.

  • Systemic misandry is worse.

    Starting off with feminism: Modern feminism has become influential. Modern feminism has taught women to view men as the enemy, to view everything a man does with suspicion, etc. The influence of this intolerant ideology has created several laws designed to screw over men, the most obvious is the lack of male reproductive rights. Not only that, but the education system is tailored to girls and men can get prison sentences twice as long for the same crime. There's a ton more. Men will immediately get jailed if a woman accuses him of rape, but women who rape men don't get charged. Modern feminism wants to strip men of all rights to protect their feelings and ridiculous beliefs

  • The professional victim

    As we seen in today's society a growing entitlement culture we also see people, mostly millennials who feel it is their duty to attack any sort of enterprise is not diverse enough to meet their standards. This as resulted in a uproar of attacks on the straight white man as they historically have had more rights than others. But in today's society this is no longer the case as many third wave feminists would have you believe, they would rather have the rights of these "harmful" white men stripped away all in the name of protecting the minority's feelings.

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