• Why is there even an option to vote no to this?

    Of course miscegenation is a good thing! While I personally am a huge fan of varying cultures of different races, isn't it even better to have people with mixed cultures? Imagine being in touch with many cultures: different beliefs, religion, food, way of life. Amazing! It sounds like there are absolutely no down-sides to this one.

  • The way to eliminate racism

    Miscegenation is, with a few centuries, capable of creating a single human race with the same morals, the same ethics and zero racism or discrimination. The combination of cultures will speed up globalisation and there will be greater tolerance between different countries and religions, therefore creating a more peaceful world.

  • Miscegenation is good

    MISCEGENATION IS GOOD BECAUSE IT DESTROYS RACIAL BARRIERS. HUMANS ARE MORE ALIKE THAN WE WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE. Much like a species of animal may differ based on their environment, Humans do similarly. Miscegenation has not really been a topic of concern for women that date men of all different types, Like men that are tall, Short, Fat, Or skinny. Miscegenation may even prove useful when genetic engineering becomes mainstream, A person may mix genes of different races to acquire a more desired and efficient phenotype.

  • Eliminates the diseases

    If we purify the race will have great chances of bringing genetic damages to our species that belongs to a single race and then destroy our society because the miscegenation improves the race bringing socio-biological benefits as strengthening against certain diseases and improving our lifestyle Let's continue with the miscegenation.

  • What is Race Again?

    Sorry, ignorant children, but race is mythical thing made up by light-skinned humans to separate themselves from Africans and literally every other 'race' they thought they were superior to. Human beings seek out romantic partners for the main reason being companionship, because who wants to be lonely? Race only plays part in this equation if the person is retarded or has bigoted parents. I don't care if the man I end up marrying is black, white, native-American, Asian, brown or Latino. My parents taught my sister and I that love is colour-blind. Mixed kids are cute anyway:)

  • More than skin deep!

    If you throw a stone into any First World country, the skin you are likely to bruise is white. Why?
    The European races are beautiful.
    I would not like to see the human race reduced to a uniform half caste woolly headed tribe of mulattoes.
    But every person, of whatever race is deserving of respect,

  • A theory: Why Miscegenation is bad for humanity's evolution

    Let us begin with a hypothetical scenario: The world's races have mixed. These races include Europeans, Arabs, Indians, Africans, Amerindians, Asians, Polynesians and Austral-Negroids. In this brave new world, there are no longer any reasonably racially pure individuals left (maybe there is a scattered handful in resistance, but that is not important). This race mixing has resulted in the extinguishment of the psychological and physiological distinctiveness in the races that made up original man. And there is no turning back because the current human races took millennia to evolve. In other words, GENETIC DIVERSITY ENDS.

    Now while everyone is celebrating their supposed 'diversity', a new viral pandemic of influenza strikes. Since the genetic diversity of races has been eradicated, very few people are immune to this new virus. What results is world wide genocide in this mono-racial abomination. (And mind you, there are no more creative Europeans left to find the best solution to this problem)

    Thus, I say that the un-mixing of races is good for humanity. It has the effect of continuing world wide diversity, and safeguarding against an unforeseeable natural (or manmade) assault against humanity.

    It is good for races to be distinct from one another because they create genetic lines that can potentially adapt to a future vulnerability.

  • The DNA simplicity, etc.

    By mixing and mixing all race, the host races are disappearing and the DNA of all people become the same endangering the survival. It only virus effect a DNA section, then all human will be effected. Secondly, the worldwide DNA would become too simple. Third, like dogs people of different race have different culture, character and temperament. These chimeras will exhibit both bad traits, or one more dominant or split personality and this can effect society. Fourth, when in need of an organ donor it will be difficult to have a good match. Fifth, the white race will die because of race mixing. Six, its a good thing to want to have children who look like you.

  • Distinct racial beauty must be preserved.

    Imagine how terrible it would be if every single person in Europe looked like a sub-Saharan African and Asian mix, Like Tiger Woods. Imagine going on a trip to Spain, Then Germany, Then Sweden, Then Italy, Then Croatia, Then Russia, And ALL you see are brown people with Afro hair, Large lips, Flat noses, Asian slanted eyes, Etc. With only some traces of whiteness visible here and there, Like some blondish or reddish Afros. That would be horrible. I have no problem with blacks and Asians, But I don't want beautiful, Distinct looking white European women like Sabina Gadecki, Katheryn Winnick, Rose Leslie, Jennifer Connoly, Elizabeth Hurley, Etc. To disappear and to be replaced by black-Asian mixes. We have to appreciate the diverse white European beauty we have today and preserve it for the future, Not throw it away in the name of "progress" - which isn't even real progress, But actually regression.

  • Diversity is a good thing

    Unfortunately, with the way thing are going, diversity will eventually be a thing of the past. Support for miscegenation will eventually lead to uniformity in the human race. Beautiful traits like blonde hair and the epicanthic fold will disappear if everyone were to intermix. Imagine how boring the world will be in 1000 years when, no matter where you go, everyone and everything is the same.

  • Heritage and Pride

    If everyone is the same, nobody is unique
    To have the same race all over the world would make meeting and interacting socially less interesting. Culture and race are two different aspects, but as race unifies, it will also spell the end of unique cultures over time

    Miscegenation is bad, just look at Nature

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