• They helped contribute

    We can't say that MIT is 100% responsible for Mr. Swartz's suicide, but it's likely they were a contributing factor, as a heavy prison sentence is detrimental to a person's mental health. Aaron only wished to help the disenfranchised become more educated, and MIT instead chose to arrogantly prosecute him for compromising their monopoly on information.

  • NO

    While I think it must be acknowledged that MIT played a role in the death of Aaron Swartz, I believe that it must also be acknowledged that there typically is not just one particular detail that drives a person to commit suicide.

    Ultimately, Aaron Swartz is responsible for his own actions, and it is hardly the case that MIT forced him to steal information that didn't belong to him.

  • No, MIT is not responsible for Aaron Swartz's suicide. Aaron Swartz is responsible for his own actions.

    Aaron Swartz has contributed a lot of good to the internet and the internet's copyright laws. However the ends do not always justify the means. No one told or made Mr. Swartz break into MIT and steal documents that did not belong to him. Every adult must be responsible for their own actions, this includes Aaron Swartz.

  • Sadly, No

    One event can not make a person want to commit suicide, MIT wasn't telling him to do it. The only person responsible for his suicide is him. He is the one that did it to himself, as sad as that it. It is sad to see anyone go, especially someone who is as brilliant as him.

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