• Romney Lost Already

    I believe most people in America simply couldn't identify with Mitt Romney and I believe he can't identify with most of America. Although Obama has done a number of things I disagree with, at least he knows what it is like to be poor, he can at minimum know what its like to not have everything handed to you on a platter.

  • Yes. i believe Mitt Romney blowing it against Barack Obama.

    Yes. I believe Mitt Romney blow it against Barack Obama, because of his constant hypocrisy. Mitt Romney should never be trusted. He has zero consistency, and will say anything at any time. It would have been irresponsible of the American people to elect him, and that is why he lost the election.

  • Yes, Mitt Romney blew it.

    Mitt Romney performed terribly in the last election. I think he has ruined his chance to ever become president. It sure doesn't help that he let everyone know that he is a Mormon. That religion was only made up about 200 years ago. It showed that he had no common sense.

  • Yes he is.

    Mitt Romney is blowing it against Barack Obama. If you took a look at the poll numbers, you will see that Mitt Romney started out strong against Barack Obama, but after his debates he started to drop in the poll. This is a classic case of someone screwing it up.

  • Yes, Romney is blowing it against Barack Obama

    I knew before the election began that Mitt Romney didn't stand a chance against Barack Obama. Mitt Romney and his campaign all made unforgettable and sometimes unforgivable mistakes. Barack Obama said all the right things when they needed to be said. He is a speaker so he had a major advantage over Mitt Romney because of it.

    Posted by: jus
  • Romney didn't have a chance

    Mitt Romney didn't have a chance after some of the blunders he made. The debates where he showed how he lost his cool about the timer, debating the commentator instead of the question at hand, going back to debate a response from two or three questions ago showed a child like temperment.

  • Mitt Romney Failed on Several Levels

    Mitt Romney is the same-old GOP thing--a grumpy old white guy. Instead of reaching out to Hispanics or blacks, Romney simply thought pandering to the rich was a good idea. Wrong. Obama won on the minority vote that Romney couldn't connect with. It's amazing to me--Romney has family in Mexico, yet somehow he couldn't connect with Hispanic immigrant voters. Romney blew it big time.

  • Yes his character weakness is showing

    Romney has a lot of good ideas for getting our economy back on track. His experience in business and government work very well to his favor. If you were to look at his resume, voting for him would be a no brainier.

    However during the debates Romney showed extreme instability. The holes in his strategy began to show. He also seems unable to keep composure and expresses inability to keep his emotions under control, which is essential to any type of leadership.

    Overall I believe he shows a lack of moral character and it will be his downfall.

  • No, he did the best he could.

    No, Mitt Romney is not blowing it against Barack Obama, because he did the best he could in a tough election. There was nothing that Mitt Romney could have done to change the fact that a majority of voters did not agree with what he had to say. You can only change so much about yourself, and Romney's problem was his message, not the way it was presented.

  • No I don't see Romney blowing it against Obama

    I see Obama and Romney as two sides of the same coin in the first place, it matters not which one "wins", we still get shafted. It happens every single election, nothing ever changes but for the worse in the end. So I don't see it as Romney "blowing it" against Obama, because I think the elections are a farce to start with, existing to make us believe we have a choice but in reality we have little to none. It's not legitimate.

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