Is Mitt Romney lying about his role at Bain Capital?

  • Yes, Mitt Romney is definitely lying about his role at Bain!

    Mitt Romney, king of the flip flop, is lying about his role at Bain Capital, in addition to many other things while on the campaign trail. Despite his high position in the company, I find it hard to believe that he had no awareness of what was happening below him. If he is telling the truth, he is showing a prime example of poor leadership! Regardless, he's not someone I'd vote for as President of our country!

  • In politics, truths are often modified and covered up as necessary to protect the candidate.

    It is virtually impossible to uncover the truth in cases of this magnitude. Aside from individuals lying, records and information can be erased, added, or altered easily. In my opinion, it goes without saying that Romney is not disclosing the truth about Bain Capital. It is unrealistic to believe that a corporation that large would have made such big decisions so quickly after Romney took leave. Those things don't happen that quickly in the corporate world. I don't know just how much of a role Romney had in the decisions, or how active he was after he took leave. I can't make a sound argument regarding the degree to which he is lying, but it is obvious that a lot of the truths have been covered up.

  • No, I do not believe Romney is lying about his role at Bain Capital

    Mitt Romney left the firm in February of 1999 in order to take over Salt Lake City’s Winter Olympics bid. While Romney stayed in contact with his associates after this, he did not actively lead the firm. He was involved with the firm to a small degree due to past partner interests and it took time to negotiate his separation from the firm. This separation took time, Romney did not lead the firm during the time Bain Capital allegedly shipped US jobs overseas.

  • No, Why Would He Lie?

    There is no reason for Governor Romney to lie about his role at Bain Capital. There is some evidence to suggest that his political enemies would like to tie his tenure at Bain with a pro-abortion business. This could then be used to discredit Romney further with the evangelical, right wing base. Bain is a successful business building wealth in America and Romney should be proud of his role there.

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