• Yes, Romney's religious background could hurt his chances in the South

    It seems like many voters in the south are skeptical of Mitt Romney's views and religious background. The majority of the South is heavily Christian, and Romney's Mormon background could be seen as a cause for concern for the Republicans. Florida is also a major swing state which could tilt the election either way. If Obama can take Florida, I feel it is likely that the Democrats will prevail.

  • Florida Holds the Key

    Poor Southern states that are largely Republican may be vulnerable to grassroots campaigns against a "rich white guy." The only Southern state that matters in the 2012 election is Florida. Mitt Romney's path to the presidency lies with key swing states. Other states such as Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia have been largely ignored. The only state in which Romney is vulnerable in the southern tier of America is Florida.

  • Not in Georgia

    I live in GA and except for Atlanta, and other large cities, the rest of Georgia is strongly for Romney. Nobody pays attention to his religion. They are too busy calling Obama a terrorist. People here refuse to see anything negative in any Republican candidate. As a whole, I do not think the South will be problem for Romney.

  • Party Affiliation Can Overcome Romney’s “Otherness”

    The southern part of the United States is seen as a traditionally Christian part of the country. Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion is seen with suspicion by many in this part of the country; it not considered mainstream Christianity. Despite this seeming disadvantage, the US south is also a Republican stronghold. Many Christians that would otherwise write Romney off will still vote for him out of strong party affiliation and Romney’s support of the pillars of the Republican party platform. They will choose to overlook Romney’s religion because of their dislike of the incumbent president and his policies.

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