Is Mitt Romney's foreign policy better than Barack Obama's?

  • YES. No Question.

    Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Curious George, Bozo the Clown, my seven year old son, my four year old son.... Any of these would have foreign policy superior to that apologizing for the United States idiot we have in the White House now who does nothing but blame Bush for everything he ever gets challenged on.

  • No that's why he lost

    Romney just wanted to support whatever position he was told to go with on a given day.

    Obama has been the leader of the free world for four years and he just won four more because he is a hawk as commander and chief a weakness that Romney wasn't able to make up ground on during their campaigns.

  • Mitt Romney has a bad foreign policy

    Mitt Romney believes that a diplomatic approach is not the most effective option. He wants to use force and military power to bring American force to the Middle East. Barack Obama on the other hand uses diplomatic means to solve issues. He sees countries like Pakistan as allies, while Romney thinks everyone is out to get us.

  • Barack Obama's foreign policy better than Mitt Romney's

    If you watch the presidential debates, Romney obviously is much less respectable than Obama. Romney always interrupts EVERYONE! I want someone who will actually listen to me. I feel Obama will listen to me. Of course, I realize my issues are not going to be taken care of overnight. Many people I see commenting don't understand the idea of making a decision for the LONG-TERM. Haven't you heard of the saying: "Things will get worse before they get better"? This is exactly so. How do you think Romney would've handled war and recession? And furthermore, I find it funny how Romney always talks about how well his state is doing. I understand policies he has put into place work, but that is for a smaller number of people. Many people will be more alike in a state rather than in a country. I don't care about what he has done, I want to know what he WILL do. Romney has a hard time explaining that in detail, making things he says sketchy. Overall, Obama is the one who will continue to lead America in the right direction.

  • No, Obama's foreign policy is on the right track

    After taking office in the midst of two wars overseas and a plethora of anti-American sentiment across the globe, I feel that President Obama has done an admirable job of rebuilding the United States' reputation abroad, as well as withdrawing the majority of American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama has improved relations with multiple countries that had previously soured on the U.S. during the Bush Administration.

  • No experience

    Barack Obama's rivals chastised him for his lack of experience, but he is now the incumbent and has had four years of foreign policy experience, while Mitt Romney has been a state governor-- concerned with domestic issues-- and has not had a chance to gain significant experience shaping foreign policy. Barack Obama is actually the more experienced of the two in this case.

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