• Yes

    Baseball is full of everything necessary to be the best sports league out there. The game is inherently designed to always have stars in it. The reason for this is that, even if all of the hitters begin to do poorly, that only means the pitchers are doing better, making them stars, and vice versa. That is not the case with other leagues.

  • Yes, It Is!

    Baseball is an American past time for a reason, it's because it is the best sport. That makes MLB the best sports league around. MLB is a no gimmicks, not trying to make their players celebrities, or anything like that. They are no nonsense and just there to play a game. That makes them better than all over sports out there. All I need to ask is what is America's Favorite Past time? No one will say any other spot!

  • Lol Absolutely not

    This has to be a joke. The only time I turn on the MLB is when I wanna fall asleep quickly. Baseball is the slowest, non interesting sport, especially when all you see is a bunch of foreign s running around on American soil. This shouldn't even be a question.

  • NFL is the best

    MLB slowly dying. How can this be a national pastime when we have great football to watch? The NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl is definitely more entertaining then the MLB World Series. The NFL is obviously the dominant sport as of late. Even basketball is probably more popular nowadays then Baseball.

  • No.

    The MLB is dying a very slow death. It has been passed by the NFL, and some could even argue by the NBA, as America's sport. The slow aspect of it renders the latest generation of young men and women watching sports bored. It's sheer ignorance to attempt to argue otherwise, as you can easily see from statistics that the MLB is not the best league.

  • The MLB is not the best sports league.

    I will admit that I think it's true that the MLB has the best tradition out of any sports leagues. However I think there are more exciting sports to watch, especially basketball. Because of this I think that the NBA is the best sports league. It is more exciting to me than the other leagues.

  • No, The NFL Is

    MLB is not the best sports league. They are good but there are better professional leagues out there. The title belongs to the NFL. The NFL is more popular than MLB and their league makes more money. The Super Bowl is basically a holiday in America these days. The NFL is definitely better.

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