• Art needs craftsmanship and intent

    Creativity can't be the sole attribute for being art. If no intention or craftsmanship can be discerned in a piece of "art" then essentially we cannot distinguish it from happenstance.

    Also provoking an emotional reaction or a discussion at least for me is no reason to call something art. Cause stepping in a pile of dog shit can do the same.

  • Yes, incredibly so

    Hegel, the greatest western thinker there has ever been who overshadows all philosophy in his wake, said art needs to have a purpose, it needs to express ideas and communicate philosophy. Most modern art is simply laziness.

    Art should serve to communicate history, like the Cistine Chapel communicates the attitudes towards faith and god. Or how all of the art of the Enlightenment is very questioning and deep. Or Monet communicates serenity, and Kandinsky and Picasso capture anguish and social struggles.

    Art shouldn't be inane and meaningless scribbles

  • It has lost it's beauty that makes it art

    Art is about creating something. A doodle isn't something, nor is a light turning off and on, or a "sculpture" of a dirty room titles "life" Modern art isn't something new, like art's original purpose. It has now turned into people idiotic idea of boredom. People have completely forgot everything.

  • Not at all

    Whilst some may argue that modern art has lost its ‘beauty’ or its ‘technique’, it certainly has not lost it’s sense of purpose. Art has always been made to communicate ideas with a wider audience through visuals. Whether the purpose is to retell a certain moment in history or simply to question the actual definition of art, I believe that if it provokes some sort of discussion or questioning, the artist has done his/her job.

    Just because you are presented with a blank wall or a single pencil line doesn’t make it any less credible than more ‘established’ art forms such as portraiture, for example. It’s what the viewer decides to do with the information and how they interpret it for themselves that really puts the ‘art’ back into modern art.

  • Modern Art is artistic and fascinating.

    Art is about creating something, trying to express a part of the world. Art could be as simple as an abstract doodle, or it could be "invisible
    art", where nothing is truly there.

    Perhaps staring at a bare wall seems to some people, pointless, but the idea of an unmade bed, or a painting that isn't there, is that you take something out of it, something for yourself, something within you.

    Modern art tries to make you think, to broaden your mind: and isn't that the basis of art? A way to open the human mind.

    The truth is, as is shown by this vote, is that Contemporary Art makes you think about it, analyse it, debate about it! Isn't that truly groundbreaking? Normally, an empty wall cannot inspire opinions, but when presented by an artist, it does.

    It makes you consider. To me, that makes it art.

    You ask if modern art is "rubbish" and I say it cannot be. To say it is not art is, to me, a close minded approach. You may not enjoy it, but the fact that it makes you feel, shows it has accomplished its true goal.

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