• Education in my opinion is reserved for the well-off.

    Knowledge is the key or one of the key to today's conflicts, ignorance can be seen as negative and stole people's lifes of wonderful things our world as to offer.
    Unfortunately for some access to this knowledge is impossible because studying take time (lots of time) money and an environement to do so

  • Yes, we could be holding our selfs back a society

    I agree plus people that do not necessarily have a degree doesn't mean they are not knowledgeable in the field, it depends on how much time the person has self taught, and how much research is used. For example: I can go learn to be the best mathematician on my own with books, and not even of stepped into a college.

    Today if we keep regarding college university as the only way of obtaining and education we could miss out on a potential person that was born to cure something, but did not have the money to get an education therefore, no matter how smart they are (even if they researched it and found the cure) without going to college or university people would assume this person is/was a quack and their information would be viewed as trivial.

    Knowing many things is an ability of human kind, where as we tend to ensure that the students only are good at one thing, do we regard our brains only to be good at "one" single type of employment, in my opinion this is a very dangerous and naive way of approaching discoveries.

    Scholarships are only provided for one person, so what happens to the other students in the class? They have to pay for it.

    The college and universities have ensured that not only do the tuitions rise, but the length of education climbs as well, ensuring that the students will spend more time in the education system, therefore giving the colleges and universities more money. I have went to college and found many of the courses where not needed, plus many of the courses where simple courses that not only did not teach me anything I didn't already know, but where the opposite of an education in my opinion they where needless.

    Until our generation or our future generations realize that education can be taught in many different forms and refuse to use these establishments the education length and the tuitions will continue to rise.

  • Yes, it is very expensive.

    Yes, modern-day education is only for the rich, because it is only the rich that can afford it. Today, a college education costs as much as a house. Older people don't understand this, because they were able to pay for their tuition by working part time while they were going to school. Costs are off the charts these days.

  • It is available to more then the rich.

    While the rich may have better access to modern day education, it is not only for them, There are scholarship, funds, and grants for people who are not rich to get more modern day education. Also, as time passes, the price of modern day education is dropping, making it more affordable to the non-rich.

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