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  • No, modern education is not value based.

    Modern education costs taxpayers a very large amount of money. We see that students are no longer producing high test scores in a large amount of schools. The test scores have been decreasing overall, yet we are paying more at an alarming rate to fund these schools that produce low test scores.

  • Not useful nowadays

    Many schools just want to make their students to learn because of competitions between that and another schools. They just make to by-heart that but not to understand it. They will give some questions based on that topic and they need learn and write it in the examinations only to score marks.

  • It is just to make us literate

    It just makes us to pass in the examinations, and just to to make us by-heart for the unit tests or some thing they just always have a competition between two schools and for that they just make the children to always read and write and get more mars than the other schools.

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Renata says2014-11-11T09:01:54.530
Gamified education is actualy our future. It's most simple way to engage students, also - develop their practical skills. Strongly suggest to try out .