Is modern liberalism working towards erasing political party boundaries in the US?

  • Yes it is.

    I think that modern liberalism is working its way towards erasing the political party boundaries by mixing together more than just one type of thinking and being upfront about it. We need to look at more than just the democrats and the republicans but at the individuals and how they really feel.

  • Some Liberals Want This

    As a person who general identifies as liberal on everything but financial matters, I know I would love to see the political party lines erased so we can benefit more people. However, as a person of the country I know there are many people out there with beliefs and ideals that are opposed to my own. It is not possible to do this, even if some people want it.

  • The modern liberalist movement fails to cross party boundaries.

    I believe that party boundaries are becoming more entrenched as a result of modern liberalism. Voting third-party is simply not an option, even when both of the primary candidates are terrible choices. People are too terrified of ending up with another Bush to take the chance of voting third-party - they are forced to choose the more acceptable (likely) candidate. Without strong movement focused on altering the party system itself, liberalism is unlikely to help dismantle the current dichotomy.

  • Not at all

    I think that modern liberalism is spending most of it's time focusing on a lot of policy issues in the country included women's rights, immigration, health care, and a lot more. i don't think they want to erase political party boundries, although they are very frustrated with the polarization of our society.

  • It is very divisive.

    Liberals are not uniting us. They are dividing us. They call everyone who stands against them and their president bigoted racists. They blame problems on Republicans in congress, even when the problem is Obamacare (which they passed with a partisan majority). Conservatism isn't uniting us either, but it seems to be the less divisive ideology.

  • Modern Liberalism is creating more political partry boundaries.

    Modern Liberalism is not working towards erasing political party boundaries in the United States. Modern Liberalism is creating more strife between liberals and conservatives, as conservatives are pushing against liberals.As liberal values become more liberal, conservative values are becoming more extreme. Conservatives themselves are equally to blame for the current divide between political parties.

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