• Modern Technology is Not Destroying Humanity

    No, modern technology is not destroying humanity, but is in fact saving it. Through modern technology, people are living longer, healthier, happier lives than they did previously. One should consider all of the modern marvels such as heart transplants, open heart surgery, and anti-virals to see that modern technology is saving us all.

  • No it is not.

    Modern technology has opened up so many windows for mankind. It allows us to instantly get in touch with loved ones, see how they are doing, get updates on their lives. It also allows us to find information and define words faster than ever. It is so powerful and helps us become powerful as well.

  • Technology advancing human understanding

    Human understanding is best expressed through technology. Inventions such as fire, the wheel and writing advanced human understanding. Technology such as computers and the internet will allow us to share information well beyond imagined with the printing press. Technology also helps bring about revolution and change as well, ex Egypt.

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