Is modern technology minimizing social interaction?

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  • Technology is Damaging Human Social Interaction

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  • Modern technology is minimizing social interaction.

    Modern technology makes it easier for people to live without having personal interactions with anyone else. Today, people can work from home through the Internet and web conferencing. Companies let customers pay bills online, and stores will even deliver goods bought through the Internet with no need for human interaction whatsoever.

  • Encouraging selfie interaction

    The face of personal interaction is changing with the advent of technology and social media, turning narcissism into the new face of personality cultivation. Everywhere people go, they need to take pictures to prove to others that they were there, or check in with their Foursquare or Facebook accounts. Nobody can just live life anymore for its own sake.

  • Technology has taken over socilizing as whole

    Yes. I think that modern technology has made people lazy in the area of social interaction. Instead of walking down the hall and speaking to a co-worker, we would rather instant message them or send a text message. Even the phone has become obsolete. I think that people use the excuse of technology not to speak to one another is easier just to avoid contact.

  • Modern technology does minimize social interaction.

    Modern technology does minimize social interaction. When some one uses technology to text some one or look at a social network, they do not face to face have a conversation with that person, so the social face to face interaction that is necessary to survive these days just is not there.

  • Minimizing within the context of social origin

    I do not intend to argue the merits of modem technology and the benefits thereof. I will say that during the course of human evolution our social processes developed on a set of relatively stable circumstances. With the advent of modern technology those circumstances have changed at a pace in which we are not accustomed to adapting to. This is not to say that technology will end up as a social detriment however there will be un intended consequences as we adapt to this new environmental condition.

  • People have always found ways to avoid socialization

    Before the era of our modern technology, people avoided communication with things such as books and newspapers as many old pictures show. Now people use electronic devices such as iPods to avoid communication and to keep themselves entertained at the same time. So it seems unlikely that new technology is having a bigger impact on our social behaviors than before.

  • No no and no

    Tech has changed the way we communicate and has not reduces social communication but expanded the way we communicate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . Full stop

  • No just the opposite

    Technology today is not minimizing social interaction, instead it is increasing social interaction. 10 years ago I would not have share most of the information I now share on Facebook with friends and family. This means that my social interaction has increased greatly. It may not be the same type of interaction as 10 years ago but it is still social interaction.

  • Generally speaking, no

    Modern technology minimizes face to face social interaction, in some cases. People call, email, or text instead of talking. But overall, I don't think communication is minimized. They might even communicate more with friends and family because of the available technology. It would take a long time to meet with someone for lunch and talk, but with emails or texting, you can contact 10 people in no time.

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