Is modern technology taking over people's jobs?

Asked by: jimmolee
  • They are stronger and smarter than us.

    They can become a construction worker or a computer programmer. They are a good use for going into the military. Or they can be a cashier they no the right amount for change and they no the exact amount of cash people owe. They can become a construction worker because they can build things fast.

  • That's pretty much the entire idea.

    In general, everyone wants everything to do as efficiently as possible. Machines and robots can do things much more precise and faster than humans ever could so it's only logical that they would replace people. But we will always need people to design, create and maintain them. There's also jobs that technology simply cannot take away because of a human aspect that is required in the job.

  • They just are. It's a matter of fact. Postal workers? Out of a job. Supermarket workers? Out of a job.

    It's factual. There are many occupations, particularly the manual labour style jobs that are being slowly but surely handed over to machinery. Not to fill up the 50 word limit. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Technology is getting too powerful.

    Modern day technology is taking over the world. They are taking jobs that people need for money. Soon, the technology that we, human beings created, will be our worst enemy! Take car manufacturing. People used to make the pieces and put them together. Now, robots are doing that! People used to read books for homework and research. Now, people are just opening their laptops, and finishing their research in a matter of minutes! Scientists and inventors should stop thinking of new ideas for technology. This technology is going to destroy the world! No one wants a world full of homeless people. A few machines are alright, but not too many! People will also get dumber because computers and those kind of easy resources will get all the answers for them. People used to figure out math problems that are supposed to be solved with calculators today by hand, paper, and pencil. Now, people are allowed to use high-tech calculators! Decrease the amount of the technology that it invented everyday!

  • Demand for more skilled workers

    I believe that even thought technology has taken a lot of jobs, it has been really efficient and the state should educate people so that they can move along with technology instead of being replaced by it. We must learn how to live with technology instead of competing against it, after all, technology will take us far.

  • It's around nutreal...

    For every job taken away because of tech., another job opens like software development, pilots, maintenance ect. But in the near future, I believe unemployment will be extremely effected by technology.
    When robots are running robots, scary yes it is I need more words so you can stop reading now.

  • Capitalism is bad

    Modern technology is very good because it brings us closer to the communist utopia we once thought was impossible. Nobody is going to need a job to make money to survive in the future. People will create new machines simply because they want to. The problem is that we are still too capitalistic in our way of thinking; humans have not evolved past capitalism, so the problem with technology is not the technology itself, it is how humans would use it. We don't need to hate evolution, we need to evolve!

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