Is modernization responsible for deteriorating moral values?

  • Yes its true

    Why all of the members blem modernisation,its only there to use, for example technology!!! We just use it and coming to others women got freedom now!!!
    We are getting new technologies to dominate other countries.And also invention of western culture is only to improve our thoughts and styles.But not to critizise human values.

  • Modernization is most definitely the cause of deteriorating moral values

    In modernizing, humans have put ourselves up on high pedestal from which we can no longer see the fact that first and foremost we are animals--a member of the great apes. Due to our desire to have all the bobbles of modernization, we have flagrantly altered the blueprint which the God/Nature system designed for us to produce healthy, psychologically balanced offspring. All great apes nurse their young for 4-5 years. That's how long it takes for the most sophisticated mammals on earth to develop properly. This is not optional. Take a baby puppy, kitten, horse, from its mother's breast at birth, it will die. Humans are sturdier; they can live, but they will be in far from optimal condition you cannot alter a system this critical without repercussions. Now, feed the baby man-made formulae, which isn't even in the ballpark as far as complexity goes as it does not contain all the minutely balanced nutrients, live enzymes and beneficial bacteria required by the newly born organism, and you will cause health problems. In mammals, both mother and child "need" this interaction, it is inborn to our species and critically necessary to produce healthy, psychologically balanced offspring. If that were not bad enough, "modern" mothers have been taught that newborn babies should be left to sleep in a bed by themselves at night away from their mother’s warm side. ALL mammal mothers sleep snuggled with their babies; removing them prevents proper bonding and stable psychological growth. Just look at the results of this experiment in altering the biological requirements of Homo Sapiens: 25% of all women in the US are on anti-depressants. One in five boys are on ADHD drugs. Illicit drug use is rampant. Children commonly suffer from allergies, digestive disorders, asthma and a host of other problems. The family unit is falling apart--50% of all marriages end in divorce. Humans must be the idiot savants of the animal kingdom not to see this. Morals or lack thereof are a product of the balanced, thinking mind which can create a society for the good of all participants. We’re getting very short of balanced thinking minds.

  • I firmly oppose the idea that modernization is the cause of destruction of our moral values.

    Because it depends from person to person whether he/she is able to carry forward his/her's customs, moral values,traditions,and principles along with being modern.Instead urbanization has provided us with better standards of living and a new way to see our past ,our future,and ofcourse our sound present.It has also changed our outlook towards life and it's constituents and also has shown us the way to walk on the path which has been inlaid by our inner concious because that only consist of our true insight and moral values which together define the person we are.Being modern does not mean at all that we are lacking in our values.It's just an excuse for people without their personality as well as character and ofcourse they even don't have their moral concious and they often feel neglected by the community they belong to so just to get fit into that surrounding they get attracted to negative wibes as they think that people don't like them just because they are too morale for anyone to understand them.So they try to change themselves just to earn a place in the society by letting their moral values down and just to suffice with the fact that they have let down their inner concious to attain something which was not even required or could have been achieved by just putting efforts over your own personality and not by letting down their insight ,such people termed their unexpected, unusual behaviour as to be modern and urbanized which is totally wrong.This shows their poor vocabulary as they don't know the true meaning of urbanization Because urbanization as well as modernization means to continue to grow and reach new heights along with idealistic approach and ready to make innovations without letting your inner concious to fell prey to unnecessary and unwanted controversies and prevent them from becoming the regular topic of debate,because it something which is natural and need not be discussed. ''In this way it is WRONG to say that MODERNIZATION and URBANIZATION is the cause for the depletion of our moral values.
    Hope that this will be enough for anyone to understand the fact of the life that it depends upon us that whether we want to be modern and moral at same time or not......

  • I think it had made us genius

    I think that modernisation has supported us in growing genius as now even those child of 3 or 4 became willing to learn in PC cell etc even this made me easier to understand my tough subject s this made us to know that we have to work smart not hard

  • Modernization is not responsible for deteriorating moral values.

    I would disagree that there is such a thing as deteriorating moral values in the first place. This is a fiction put out by those who use the term "moral values" to mean those values that they want to impose on those who have a different set of values. It has very little to do with modernization, technological advances or critical thinking and much to do with accepting the rules and regulations of centuries past when people would be burned as witches, hung, guillotined and hanged from the highest tree. Those who see women's rights and equal pay for women as immoral would of course, want to blame modernization of the perception of women as causing the deterioration of the stay at home mom who obeys her husband and puts up with abuse as she silently suffers. Those who have a problem with various skin colors in society would want to go back to the days when white was the acceptable skin color for leadership. That, I believe, is what is meant by those who adopt the idea that modernization is responsible for deteriorating moral values.

  • Moderniation is not responsible for moral values in the first place.

    With the ever changing world, modernization is something that is bound to happen. Moral values are not based on modernization but how parents are raising their children. With the surge of technology, people need to be more careful what they do and what they say as others are more likely to know about it and if your opinion is different from there's they may perceive you as having very bad morals.

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