• It's a Double Standard

    Guys are allowed to go in public with their shirts off, but if a girl "shows too much" people shame her. Girls are also blamed if something happens to them because of what they wear. Some cultures will cut off girls hands if they put on nail polish! That's crazy! Girls are told on one side to look hot and the standards are crazily unrealistic, but on the other side, if you say guys should be adventurous and girls should be modest and meek then you're reverting to old stereotypes. Your worth should be determined by who you are as a person and not if you are modest or not because however modest you are, there is probably a more modest person in the world.

  • It is your own choice.

    Because of westerns society's fear of showing our bodies, what we wear as undergarments is now considered as being sexual. I believe that this is too far, although I think westerners are too afraid of showing themselves, I also believe that a certain modesty must be kept, but if a girl wants to take their shirt off in public, by all means let them, it is their own choice.

  • An old saying

    Says there are two types of women, those you want to sleep with and those you marry. The media has been a prime example of how women exploit themselves for fame an fortune. One example that many of you may not remember is Marilyn Monroe. Monroe had three marriages, all of which ended in divorce, and died at the age of 36. Toward the end she resorted to doing nude photos and it is believed that she committed suicide via drug overdose. Later on there was Madonna, yet another woman playing the tramp for fame and fortune. 2 failed marriages and still trying to pull of the sexy diva at the age of 56. Today, the media is full of girls that seam to be going for the title of biggest tramp. If a girl or woman thinks they need to dress like that for attention. The big fashion trends are more prostitute related clothing.
    In the animal kingdom, males tend to have to compete for the attention of the female. This is why in the bird families, the male is the one with the colorful plumage and the female tends to look more drab. In mammals, the male tends to have to compete to get a mate. What makes human females think they have to strip down to find a mate, unless it is just mating they are after.

  • Not necessarily, modesty demonstrates a certain kind of confidence.

    Being modest does not equate to being unfeminine and old-fashioned. On the contrary, being modest and looking modest demonstrates maturity. A woman who wears revealing clothing is showing herself as a confident yet incapable woman, particularly incapable in regards to business matters.


    Males too must be modest, but since the body of the masculine and feminine person is structured differently, then both genders have different rules of modesty to follow, to an extent at least.

  • Modesty – Clothing doesn’t have to be outdated.

    Modesty can mean something different to every person. To me, modesty is about preventing your clothing from revealing too much of your body, in order to show respect for your body and your religion. Despite the simplicity of this definition, modesty can have a wide range of opinions attached to it. Some may not find a tank top revealing, while others may. It all depends on what you personally feel comfortable wearing. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and not feel as if you are showing everything you have to the world, than that is dressing modestly for you.

    As we know, in the Christian religion, modesty is important. People want to remain covered, treating his/her body as a temple, not an object for the viewing pleasure of others. This type of modest dress may be a t-shirt and jeans or a long-sleeved top and loose pants or a long dress.

    To think that all clothes must be revealing to be stylish is ridiculous to me. Pantsuits are modest and with a crisp button down shirt and eye-catching jewelry, they can turn heads just like any other outfit. Maxi dresses are now in style and they offer plenty of coverage. You can add a shirt or shawl if the sleeves reveal too much. You can wear clothes with a pop of color, or you could even wear a nice sweater and jeans. That is still modest and there is nothing wrong with that style of dress. While many people may be fans of Lady Gaga, you do not need to look like her to fit into this world. Performers are called performers for a reason. Everything about them is meant to put on a show for the public. Why should anyone else seek to put on a show? When you cover up you are showing yourself respect, keeping your body private, and respecting your religious values. The only side effect is that people get to know you for who you are, not because you have a nice body and you like to show it off. It also leads others to respect you and treat you as a person with a mind, rather than an object. If you are a good person with strong character, no one is going to care about your clothing, so you might as well seek to make yourself happy and comfortable. People judge for plenty of reasons and if being modest is one of them, so be it. There have been worse judgments, and the feeling of self-respect and respect for God and his teachings to treat your body well is an immense reward.

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  • No double standard

    Many people say that there is one standard for women and another standard for men . It is un-true . Women don't like immodest men or players . Those who do suffer from lack of self-confidence or has been peer -pressured . In many countries , going shirt -less is not considered very proper .

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