• He was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood party

    He was the leader of the mother of all terrorist organizations. Dont believe me just look at their slogan which condones Jihad. Western media has condemned the Rabba massacre saying that it is peaceful but if you look closely they were hiding machine guns. He also allowed militant groups like Ansar Bait-al Maqdis gain more control in Sinai

  • No, he was caught in the middle of a revolution.

    No, Mohammed Morsi is not a terrorist, because he is simply a leader who happened to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Morsi did what he thought was best for the people, but he happened to come to power in the middle of a revolution, and there were things that he could not control. But he was an honest leader who did not terrorize people.

  • Mohammed Morsi is not a terrorist

    Mohammed Morsi was the president of Egypt. He was elected legally by the people of Egypt. While his decisions while in office were controversial and ultimately were bad for Egypt, he did not do them with the intent to terrorize the citizens of that country. While his ultimately removal was warranted, his actions do not rise to the level of being a terrorist.

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