• Yes it is

    What you think about incest Is probably wrong the reason why most moms and son do incest is because the mom was such a really good mom to the boy and since the boy loves her so much he wouldn’t be grossed out by her mom. Only Moms who were very mean mean to their sons gross their sons out but nice moms don't

  • I think you can kiss

    But it's better to have sex with a girl and only after puberty and reaching the age of consent.
    Although if the child is developed for such, The age of consent can be canceled
    since some suggest sending children into space.
    They also drive at 14 years old, Have been working at the age of 14

  • Its very good.

    It is great because you can kiss mommy. Mommy milkers are yummy. Also, My mommy told me to tell you that you r beautiful all of you in the yes section. The no section r ugly because they don't kiss mommy and drink from milkers.
    Uguygyfed efdsefsdf e fds fsd.

  • Consensual sex between a mother and son is beautiful

    As long as the son is above the age of consent then sex between a mother and son is a beautiful thing. I think there are many sons who would enjoy sex with their mothers and would benefit from it greatly. Also, There are many mothers who would enjoy more intimacy with their sons.

  • It is good

    Support it, Fun for the mom and son. Love very much food for everyone.
    Support it, Fun for the mom and son. Love very much food for everyone.

    Support it, Fun for the mom and son. Love very much food for everyone.
    Support it, Fun for the mom and son. Love very much food for everyone.

    Support it, Fun for the mom and son. Love very much food for everyone.
    Support it, Fun for the mom and son. Love very much food for everyone.

  • Let's be mature, Incest is not bad.

    It is not my thing, But I'm a sexologist and psychologist and I can say it is a greatly common fetish, It usually comes up because people believe that nobody knows them better than family members and they have more confidence with them in that sense, Patients with this fetishes had told me that it is a natural instinct to feel cozy and good with the love of a mother, I have been a sexologist by 15 years and I say that as long as there's no reproduction, And it is made two consenting adults there's no problem in general.

  • Yes, But their's a catch

    The mom and son should agree not to breed babies and also both have to be adult to do sexual activity.

    What I realize that people should I don't know not interfere couples romantic life because couples secretly closed their doors and commit the "Taboo". Why bust their door in and put your morale police hat on. Seriously everyone stand grey area.

    Lastly If son or mom started to have downfall then they probably split up and move on into different direction just like having boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Good for confidence

    Would build both mother and sons confidence also good practice for son meaning better luck pleasing future girlfriend or partner. Would be much better world without the stigma. Mothers would also Benifit from the experience of bonding and teaching the boy. Also would improve her outlook on sons physical health to provide tips

  • Had sex with my mom until I was 15

    My mom is just 15 when she had me I was never physically abused or mentally abused everything was just wonderful the most incredible orgasm anybody can have is inside your mom your mom looks good. We only quit having sex because I got her pregnant and I didn’t want to wear a condom

  • Not only is it a beautiful thing, It is THE MOST beautiful thing!

    Motherhood is perhaps the most thankless job there is, And yet, Think of all that your mother has done for you - all that she has willingly sacrificed to keep you safe, Healthy and happy! From long before you were born, She has loved you every minute of every day, And will continue to do so until the day she dies! And, Because she loves you, She has wiped your little backside countless times, Fed you of her own breast, Dressed you, Carted you around, Over and over, Day in and day out - the list just goes on and on and on!
    In light of all this, If sharing a bit of your intimacy brings her the smallest fraction of the joy she has devoted her life to giving you, Then what kind of MONSTER would deny her this simple gesture?
    After all, The woman gave you LIFE - the LEAST you can do is to return that blessing and give her a child of your own flesh!

  • You free but better don t do it

    Feeling sex different with baby breastfeeding or kiss baby. Another things must be know, If someone feel horny about child this person is mental sick. . . . . Ok. . . In biological life can be make problems it s proved. But you re free but autonomy of persons not unlimited like you re limit to kill or other even use Atomic bomb lol it s real. . . . . Real victims are mothers. . . Destroy her feeling normal. Unsafe sex and Sexual chaos for women make this manner mental. . . . We let little sick assebly LGTB to published immoral mind things and destroyed normal sex and now teens are alone and fell in hemosexuality relations. . . . . This relation can t make inherent consent people and make people s world sick mentally. You can show body to your children in 14 age and how masturbate. In sometimes can do it well, One: when you must Rescue from human extinction, Then let s make baby. . Lol. . . Or two: your moms are bitch. . . . . . . Do you know horses do not commit incest. . . . . . . . Guys: in family love different of dad and mom. . . It s feeling by support, Coherence, Baby humans care, Should attention deep kiss, Be naked not sex in family if you got horny in this usual conduct at family said above, You re mental sick or not have health sex life. . . Go and be brave to find girl believes real family and be real strong woman to be control herself and make your life. . . Avoid bitches even be at home.

  • Absolutely f***ing not.

    Incest is not okay. Stop trying to make it seem okay by bringing up philosophical bullshit or your own life experiences, Which by the way, Is terrible. Any mother who tries to solicit sex from her son is a demented human being and, In some cases, A straight-up pedophile. The same goes for any guys trying to solicit sex from their mothers. Anyone who supports this has a twisted mentality on not only love and sex, But family relationships as a whole. And you may not realize it, But you do harm to others by openly supporting it and trying to make it seem like it's not a bad thing. It is. Stop. Quit this terrible behavior or get yourselves admitted in a f***ing mental asylum. Sick bastards.

  • This has to be a joke

    I propose any son or mother who have any sorts of seuxal activity be thrown to jail for lifetime. They should be beaten the shit up. It is immoral and against the wishes of God. No, These faggots can't be allowed to corrupt out culture. Probably just send them for public executions

  • People who say it’s good are mentally ill!

    WHAT HAS SOCIETY BECAME! Our world is ill, And the progressives are trying to destroy the simple notion of FAMILY! Like WHO THE f**k THINKS SUCH AN ABOMINATION IS GOOD? ! Mom-child incest should be severely punished by the law! If I was in charge of the country, Mother-child sex would be A DEATH OFFENCE!

  • Its a terrible thung

    don't think with your di*k. . This is filthy, Dirty and extremely immoral. I don't know how on earth can someone justify something so evil. People need to get their mind out of the gutter. Those who belive in this bullshit need help. You are not normal. Get yourself admitted in an asylum.

  • What the f**k? Hell no my guy.

    It would be hella retardous if you have incest with your own son, Like what the f**k? You raise your own f***ing thing that was in your stomach for 9 months just to have sex with him when he gets older? What kind of retarded demented are you? Did you also forgot that this is not acceptable in our society? Get a life.

  • Talk to a real woman.

    Or Touch Grass. Or take a shower.
    Judging by this question, You have done none of those things in a long time.
    In a certain way, I envy you: in your innocence you have never heard of Covid, To preoccupied with whatever degenerate activity you have been up to in the past couple years.
    But then I remember why, And the envy evaporates, Replaced by pity and well-deserved scorn. How could my fellow human being stoop so low?

  • You need help

    BRUH I don't look at my mom and be like "ya i wanna hit that" GROSS! You need to get yourself a real lady friend and do the sexy then you can talk. The fact is, You are an incel loser mommys boy and you are desperate for sex. How about get yourself a fleshlight while you work on your lady skills

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Thuongqle says2022-02-27T14:14:47.843
Mom and son incest is very turned on. It has good and bad effects. Chinese Confucianism strictly forbid it but the Chinese people became very oppressed by it and the population is too high. Perhaps incest people do not reproduce too much. Incest is morally wrong and genetically disastrous but it is very attractive. Good thing about incest is that it helps the son to concentrate, It helps the mother to relieve and it helps the father to work worry-free that his wife gets satisfaction from someone else. In some situation, Incest helps rather than harms. Anyway I think that if you do not need sex from incest, Don't do it.
imotherlover says2022-04-03T03:39:41.323
I do incest with my own mother, I love and enjoy f***ing my own mother, I fucked my own mother many times. , Now am trying to make my mother pregnant while Cumming deep inside my mother's slopy womb. , , I hate wearing condom. I f**k my own mother like a f***ing whore & she enjoy taking my huge cock deep inside her cunt.
Kekke98 says2022-04-20T19:35:12.383
I think incest yes even the mom and son incest would fix our population problem. See most people think that there's too many of us and we multiple too fast while people want sex more than ever. Simple have incest, Make it legal everywhere around the world between consenting adults and make it so it becomes something a majority would be okay with. Moms could still have sex with someone when father is away without cheating on him if all agree that it's okay. Son would get sex with mom who is experienced and makes sure it is safe. Mom would simply see sex as part of showing love to her son it is in a way to show son that mom is thankfull for him. It also would not harm anyone. Son would get sex where mom would ask him if she is going too fast or too slow, Mom would listen to what son enjoys while girlfriend can be dismissive. Mom would also be more willing to have sex than girlfriend since mom would always put her sons needs above her needs while a lot girls only think about themself. Son would see how truly loving his mother is, Sex with mom would also build self confidence for son.

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