• I like her, but she gets more credit than deserved.

    I like Mo'ne Davis because she is a really hard worker who overcame adversity to become really good. She is a model and an example to anyone else who wants to do something they think they are not capable of. Problem is, she wasn't nearly the best player in the LLWS and there were probably multiple other shutouts thrown throughout the LLWS. Putting her on the cover of sports illustrated is like saying "wow, women can actually do stuff at the same quality as men, wow, I'll alert the media immediately!", and I don't like that at all. While the story of Mo'ne may inspire many, it also shows how in-vein women's struggles to be equal to men are, because every one is freaking out about the fact that one girl can actually play, and I'm sure the same principle may apply to other scenarios other than sports.

  • When was the last time you saw a 13y/o girl pitch 70mph!

    Mo'ne Davis is the future for women in baseball. She is a role model to all. More and more women and young girls are signing up to play baseball because of her achievements everyday! I know myself as a 15y/o (who throws 50mph), having someone like her to aspire to be, to show everyone that girls can play baseball is the most amazing thing! I have played with the boys since I was 5 and many a time they have also been surprised that girls can actually play! For the male population them now seeing Mo'ne, means all the more respect for myself and all my baseball girls!

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