Is money a driving factor when it pertains to domestic violence victims staying with their abusers?

  • Yes, money, reliable transportation, and not having anywhere to take the only belongings I have,

    Are some of the contributing factors to why I stay. Other reasons are not having anywhere to go. Sure I guess there are some shelters, but being surrounded by strangers in a foreign place is very unsettling to me. Its just easier to stay I guess. Its my own laziness and fear of the unknown.

  • Yes, money is a driving factor for domestic violence victims to stay with abusers.

    Money can definitely be a driving factor when it comes to victims of domestic violence staying with their abusers. Victims of domestic violence can often be financially dependent on their abusers, and see no other alternative but to stay. Even if a victim is aware they are being abused, he or she may see leaving as worse because they have nowhere safe to go and no form of income.

  • They don't want to work.

    As a former prosecutor, I had many domestic violence victims sit in my office and demand that I dismiss the charges. When I asked them why, they would say, "Because I depend on him!!!!" The thought of going to work and standing on their own two feet was so intolerable that would rather be beat by their husband. It was tragic. Abuse is a powerful thing.

  • Money can sometimes be a factor

    Abuse victims stay with their abusers for a number of reasons. One of the biggest ones is for the welfare of any children, which ultimately is influenced by money. Another is due to threats from the abuser, which can sometimes be related to money as well. While there may be a few who stick with an abusive partner who is wealthy just to live a wealthier lifestyle, most of the time, money is a related but secondary factor.

  • No, money doesn't make domestic abuse victims stay.

    Money doesn't always make domestic abuse victims stay with their abusers. Other factors, including psychological issues and past traumas, can cause someone to become a victim and then feel like they cannot get away from their abuser. Things like this occur every day, and money often isn't the driving factor for such a situation.

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