• Money definitely becomes the first priority

    It is definitely a point that there are other factors that you feel proud when you work for a reputed company and etc..... But when you don't have enough to meet your needs, you definitely give priority to money first & work at a place where you are paid more.

  • Everyone have to fulfill their needs

    All are doing job only for earning something to satisfy various needs these most of them can be achieved only by the finance. Higher remuneration gives higher status and capacity to be luxurious is there any one in the world who does not want cash? Everyone needs cash but only in good terms should be prefer

  • The first thing crosses a person's mind while choosing a job is money.

    We get respect in society only due to the money factor. Before following your passion one should look at their financial background. The thing that a person thinks before choosing his career is money. More money means more money. If people are paid extra then will work more and thus resulting in the profit of the organisation. Recognizing a person by giving promotion is not always possible, whereas by giving bonuses which indirectly is money people get motivated to pursue any work with full satisfaction.

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