Is money all you need for a happy life in today's world?

  • Money is needed to survive in twenty-first century

    Some may say that money cannot buy happiness but in order to make one's family happy, it is necessary to fulfill their basic needs.....A hungry family is not happy
    also one may say that literacy can earn money but to become a literate person....Money is required
    it is not necessary to become a millionaire but yes money is required even to live a simple life......
    Money can drop someone but on the contrary it can also lift the person to heights...
    So it souly depends on the person's interpretation of the meaning of money in ones life...

  • Yes, because while it's not the end of it, it is the required stepping stone of it in today's world.

    Speaking from personal experience and having being both rich and poor, I got to experienced both facets of those lifestyles.

    All the people saying that money alone can't make you happy are partially correct. Like the saying goes, "it's not what you have, but who you share it with that matters". I myself wholeheartedly agree with that statement, however in today's world things are not that simple.

    Like many who think they "just need love and fresh water", it's an absolute fact that in today's society (wasn't always the case in the past, and may not be in the future), no matter what you want to do or be, you need money.

    Without money, they're no way take care of your family, support those in needs, etc...

    Yes, I know that many would argue that caring for your family can be as simple as a hug, however you also overlook the fact that where they live, and what they eat does cost and require money.

    How many young couples struggle today despite being in love because of lack of money?

    The fact is that there are many things that may seem more important and valuable than money in today's world, however without that said money none of it would be even possible to achieve, even getting a marriage certificate (without reception) costs administrative money to be obtained.

    A better question probably would have been whether "a LOT of money is all you need", and on that I would say no; however based on the current topic title, I have to say yes, as without money, in today's world you are refused access to what gives you happiness. (which is probably why more and more people try to live off-the-grid, but yet again something that wouldn't be possible without the presence of money at some point.)

  • Yes, money is all you need.

    Money can buy you anything you want in life. Money can buy you a smoking hot wife. It can buy you any material thing that you want. Money can buy you as many women as you want on the side. Anything that can make you happy can be purchased if you are rich.

  • Money is all you need for a happy life in today's world.

    Money is all you need for a happy life in today's world. If you have enough money you can buy anything
    that your heart desires. I don’t know what
    it was like years ago, but nowadays technology and globalization has made
    everything available. From privacy to a
    loving relationship, anything can be bought.

  • Money's necessary, but not absolutely.

    Money is basically a resource for satisfying human wants. Prof. Alfred Marshall's definition of economics states that human welfare is far more important than only the acquiring of wealth. What we need more than anything in all of the world, is strength and love without which no amount of money and wealth can provide for more than mere security that you can still buy food and gold.

  • No it is not.

    I do not think that money is all you need for a happy life in today's world. Many people with a lot of money are miserable. Money can buy things that make a person enjoy life more, but without underlying happiness underneath, the person will still be miserable. It just depends on the person.

  • Money isn't everything

    It is said that society is run by money, but people are not run by money. Nobody but sociopaths - who often happen to be the very rich - can obtain emotional and spiritual fulfillment from the acquisition of capital. There is more to life than money and nothing society does to say otherwise can change this fundamental fact about human beings.

  • Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

    Many believe that money busy happiness, or happiness certainly must follow money, but the truth is, is that it does not. The ratio of wealthy and depressed people is in line with the amount of poor, depressed people. Money may make life easier, but at the same time it can make life more difficult.

  • No, money can't make someone happy.

    Money can buy experiences, which can certainly enrich people's lives. For example, being able to afford to go on a trip with family will create fun memories to last a lifetime. But money itself doesn't buy happiness. People have to choose to be happy, whether they have money or not. There are plenty of rich people who aren't truly happy, and people in lower income brackets who are.

  • Money alone does not equate to happiness.

    While life in today's world is made much easier as the result of healthy economic circumstances, money alone does not equate to happiness. Other factors such as health, friends and family create a reason for having and a desire to acquire money. Someone with all the money in the world would find it difficult to be happy if they had no friends or family to enjoy their money with them or they were fighting a disease for which there is no cure rendering money completely irrelevant.

  • Money is not all you need for a happy life in today's world.

    Although everyone needs money to live, money alone cannot make you happy. You could be rich, but if you don't have friends and family you can never really be happy. It's necessary to have personal relationships and meaningful achievements to be really happy. Money is superficial and it can only buy things, not feelings.

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Today's world :D? Is there a world where money may or may not make happiness?