• It is unnecessary and creates inequality of quality of life.

    Man got along without currency for thousands of years and all that it has brought him is stress and heartache. We use it to make all kinds of life and death decisions which is wrong i.e. whether to do medical treatment or preventative medicine for people. Money promotes the unequal distribution of resources that leads to people being angry at this and becoming criminal and violent. In short, we would be better off with a barter system.

  • Naughty bad money

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  • Yes yes yes

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  • Hell yeah it is

    Money is the source of all our problems think about it. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes i really dont have anything else to write and 50 words need to be used

  • Money is a tool. It can be used for good or evil

    Our system of credit has evolved from spearheads to livestock to papyrus paper to coins over thousands of years, none of these are inherently evil.
    Money (a universal form of credit) is a tool- a means not an end. By saying money is bad it is comparable to saying a knife is at fault for hurting someone.
    Of course money can be used to hurt people but so can anything this powerful. Using the knife example again it can be used by some people cause pain but its purpose is to make life easier and more wholesome, just like money.

  • That's like saying cars are bad because they make car crashes.

    Money is not the root of all evil; it's the people who use it it in a way to make it sound evil. Money will always be there, there has to be a drive for human existence other than sex ad so it seems money will be that thing. Saying money is the reason for evil is disregarding that sadism and bad won't always do evil and bad if money wasn't there. If anything, life would be much worse.

  • People's Obsession is the Problem.

    Money is not bad. It's people's obsession with money that becomes bad. Make enough to live comfortably and focus on living life. Wasting time accumulating goods and cash just for the sake of it, is what gets people into trouble.

    You will always need a method of exchange, unless you can produce everything you need yourself. Money is much more convenient than any other system. Take the barter system for example. This failed because it is much easier to carry around cash than haul all your goods through town trying to exchange them for things you need.

  • It keeps us in line.

    Money is what makes us work if we got ride of money our government would fall to dust and no one would want to do anything money is there so people work and help our world grow and bring us together yes I would be nice to have everything be for free but it is not realistic and will never happen and yes people get kill for money but what makes you think giving ride of money is going to stop killing if someone wanted to do harm they will find a way. The money system is there for a reason and it is not bad because without it we would not have what we have today and I think people would injoy this better.

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