• A non-living thing which controls human

    I appreciate views of people who clicked on no buzzer but in my views money is the thing for which most of human being are living on this world.People have billon-trillion amount of money bt still they are in rush to make more money.They earn huge amount which belongs to them bt in real world what is the use of that money which only fulfills need of your's to buy expensive cars,bikes.Etc..I hope this amount of money can fill belly of hundreds of poor people.And now most people will think why we have to think about those people ;then i'll like to remind you once again because we are humans.... Also money can sometimes be responsible to urge man to do illegal work..

  • Aristotle considers pleonexia or greed/aggrandizement/ graspingness/avariciousness as the root of all evil

    The question to ask next is whether or not "money" can be equated to Aristotle's pleonexia. Considering the world's largest lending institutions and banks were declared "Too Big To Fail" -- which means certain institutions that derive their "life" from "money" are now considered more valuable and important than any one or thing -- it could very well be that money is now at the heart of all that is "evil": "Evil" in as far as it is something which now represents an uncontrollable power to be worshiped -- a power that even the US Supreme Court has determined can change its face from "personhood" and back to "non-entity" when it needs to...Kind of like a "demi-god gone wild". (The "supporting headline" was taken from page 198 of Mereology: The Origins of Garlic Cures and the Art of Telling a Tale of Ragout.)

  • It's a thing

    Things aren't evil or good. Money doesn't have intentions.

    Money is merely a measuring stick to be used to determine value. Value is based on supply and demand. People who don't understand economics think it's some magical, mystical thing controlled by gods and there is never any way to comprehend it unless you have divine power.

  • Money is amoral

    Only sentient beings can be good or evil. Inanimate objects, including abstract entities, are neither good nor evil. They can be USED for good or evil, and they can MOTIVATE people to do good or evil, but they themselves are neither good nor evil. "I like rich people. I like the way they live. I like the way I live when I'm with them" ~Max

  • It is bad

    It is bad because money can go to peoples head and make them addicted to getting money and all they wanna do is spend money and they stop caring about there family and there life and they start to grow old and become homeless with no one to rely one for help.

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Bullish says2013-05-23T17:11:01.740
Nothing is inherently evil. Money an be used for both good and bad purposes.