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  • Money is everything in the modern world both socially, politically and economically

    .Facilitate trade
    .Facilitate production
    .Contribute much on economic growth
    .Makes living standard better
    .Bring happy the individual
    .Aids in payment of debts
    gives a person with freedom of choices to do whatever he/she like
    government realises all taxes, fines, penalty and other sources of public revenue
    .Facilitate national (personal) development

  • Yes,it's very much important!

    Without money,you can do some things but not everything.Most of the important things are bought through money only.It is very necessary to fulfill our basic needs.Money is not everything but it holds a different place in our lives.It is needed to understand that there are many more things beyond money.

  • Money Is Important

    As our friend said , Money or currency gives a person the ability to buy and sell items . Since exchanging goods and services for money is the basis of our economy, money is important to our daily lives. From first if we see or think everything and our every ability in our lives start and finish with money , from growing up and feed up our family required money , if you or your kids want to study well in a private school then you must pay money if you want to be a doctor or engineer you need money to pay for it , if you going on date with your belove once which you don't want to lose them then you must dressed well go to a good or five stare restaurant you must pay , so if you don't have money then you can't study well you can't date your belove ....

  • Money is Important

    Well , in this world very thing is depend on money , if you want to Study well then you need money to pay to one of best school in your city , if you want to be a doctor , Engineer , anything that you love to be in the future then you need money to go forward and if you wan to go on date with your dream girl or boy and you don't want to lose them then you must dressed well and you must go with you date to a five stare hotel or Restaurant , ( the cloths which you want to wear and that five stare hotel or restaurant need match money , to grown up well your kids also need money even when you using net you also need money so if we see all these things we can say money is very important in our life

  • Money in human life is similar to the important of food for the body

    . People need money to keep healthy. If they get ill, and do not have enough money, they can’t go to the hospital to check and buy some kinds of medicine. Besides, they also do not get good treatment from the doctors and nurses in the hospital. The rich will use money to solve their health problems more easily, such as buying a lot of good medicine and checking their health in the hospital. Secondly, people need money to raise the living standard. For example, they use money to buy food, so it is easy to provide nutrients to their bodies. Besides, they can spend a lot of money to help their families and friends, help poor children in the country such as buying a lot of books, newspapers and computers.Or if people have money, they can travel somewhere all over the world to relax. So, if people do not have money, they will have many difficulties and problems in life, such as they cannot buy food, clothes and things which they need in their lives.

  • No money no honey

    If you have 0 rupees in your pocket no one will have respect on you and no one would like to even see you . Do you think you can live a life without money yeah surely not possible right then go for a hunt for money rather than arguing

  • Money is very essential as it holds a value for things . It replaced barter system which was very hard to follow.

    If it was not there then we cannot sell or buy a particular thing.Hhh hh hh hh hh hh h h hh hh hh hh hhh hhhhhhh hhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h h h h h h hh h h h h h h h h h hh h h h hhhhh

  • Money is very important in ones life

    Money is incredibly important. You need it, because without it you run into problems. I completely agree that money IS important. Though more is not always worth the trade off, it’s incredibly comforting to know that you are well on your way to financial freedom. Money is very VERY essential.

  • Money is valuable

    Money is the most common thing that you need in your daily life without money it is impossible to live a single second. In every field of life like food, shelter and education we need money without money we can't do these thing. Although we can't buy happiness from money but we can buy all the things of comfort that makes us happy. If on road you will get a thousand rupee note and a book you will surely pick the money first. It is the biggest lie of our life that we hate money as we know that we can't live without it a second.

  • Without Money, There is No Food or Commerce

    Money is important to everyone's daily lives because without a common currency, no one can purchase food, clothing and shelter. We could move into a barter system, but for now the way humans trade is through currency. Without money, our contemporary society would break down and modern man wouldn't exist.

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  • Money is a currency that holds value that lessens every day in many countries to do inflation.

    The fact that the concept of money can be argued as causation for happiness is silly in my opinion. While money can by things that make you happy, living a life where you can pay to overcome challenges and rush to goals isn't worth living. I am not saying a rich person is no happy, but a person who has money and only cares for such or even a poor person who thinks that money is the most important thing are not living lives worth living.

  • Not Importance Money

    We know the money is very important thing now a day but money is not everything.
    Because all problem's is reason money.
    All riot for money all terrorist will be for money. If money will not be with poor peoples they can not buy weapons and we know without weapons all riot impossible.

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