• Communication Breakdown, It's always the same

    Lobbyists wouldn't need to bribe politicians if they knew how to communicate clearly.

    The problem is America isn't a socially conservative society with deep heritage. Therefore, lobbyists need an alternative way to get their point across since they can't relate through traditions.

    They can't use their words, so the way they do that is by throwing numbers around.

  • Not At All

    Money in politics is not overregulated. If anything, it is underregulated. Those regulation ensure that there is no corruption or money being spent where it is not supposed to be spent. I'm usually against regulation by the government but in this case I have no problem at all with what they do.

  • Not at all.

    I do not think that money in politics is too far regulated. If anything, we need to have more regulation so that we can keep the big corporations in check. This past election showed us what happens when money is not more tightly looked after, we get flooded with so many ads.

  • No, It Needs More Regulation

    There is too much special interest money in politics as it is at the moment. There needs to be more regulations on campaign contributions, Even more, the make up of The Supreme Court needs to be changed so that Citizens United can be overturned. It was an atrocity of a judicial decision.

    Posted by: rpr

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