• Money in 2019 is especially important than love

    Without money in 2019, With the worlds fast growing economy, You are bound to be in some deep trouble. I feel that friendships are good enough relationships are just overrated, Love is overated. Id rather be financially stable than ever be dead broke that can get me nothing in the end. Id rather be sad, Rich and single rather than broke, Happy and married, Things are about to go downhill without money. Money is sustinence, Money can change someones life for the better love and relationships can do none of that.

  • NO one would want to be romantically involved with you if you were broke

    Show me someone who doesn't get dumped after losing his job and going broke. The world revolves around money. Sadly if you want to have a real relationship, You'll have to invest in making your partner happy such as buying gifts and bringing her on holiday. Without money, These things are simply not possible, Rendering you alone and loveless.

  • Money is crucial to survival in a modern world.

    Sure, Love is more satisfying than money, Yet if your completely broke in love, You can afford to meet requirements to simply stay alive and safe. Therefore, Money is more important. Asf asdf asdf adf adf adf asdf asdfdsf dasf saf dsf dsf dsaf asdff sad fsdaf dsf sdf adf ds.

  • I'd rather be financially stable than in a relationship

    In my experience, I have found that most people who say "money is not important", Are those who are financially comfortable.
    However, If we took away your source of income and made sure you couldn't get a job, Let's see how long your happiness would last. Would there, Honestly, Be no tension in your relationship if you were struggling to pay the bills or eat? If you were struggling to feed your children, Would your love be enough? Or would they eventually be taken away for their own protection?
    Don't get me wrong, I do believe that love is important, But love can only do so much if you have no money at all.

  • Money is more than love.

    I believe money to be more important than love,
    i say this because you need money to be able to support all the things you want physically and mentally, Without money you can't go on extreme adventures, Enjoy times with friends and what not. , Etc. . . All these points taken into consideration, I must say that in the society we live in today money is everything, It is what circulates along the pyramid, If you have more money, You will be happier, You will be more loved. You can buy the things that you want, All these points taken into consideration money has the ability to purchase things that as individuals produce hormones such as seratonin and dopamine which is kind of like a feel good factor, Hence, Love? Who knows anyway. This is very controversial.

  • Money is Freedom

    Money may not be able to buy happiness or love in its pure state, But it does give you the necessary tools to build your happiness and love. I like the point made above me about someone not staying with a poor person because "love always wins. " Money will not hurt you, And when you have it in abundance, You also have abundant freedom and this is what life is about: being free and exploring all it has to offer.

  • Love is overrated

    What the title says. The saying, "Money can't buy happiness" is completely false. Money CAN buy happiness, as any rich person can confirm. Love is painful, pointless, and vastly overrated. Without a partner, there's no one to cheat on you, no one for you to waste all your time, energy, and money on, and no one to invade your privacy. Finding love is easy, finding money is not.

  • Love is more important

    If you fell in love with a poor man would you stay with him because ‘love always wins?’

    They say love is the best feeling in the world and that those who are lucky enough to experience it are the happiest people in the world. Ant they will say money should never be compared to love because love is endless and money can't buy love.

    Love is endless?

    Ever heard of divorce

    Love is more important than money? Have you met poor people? If love was all you needed to be happy in life then the poor would be the happiest, most happy people on the planet.

    Love is not all sweet and rosy and filled with happily ever after.

    Money makes the world go round.

    It's 2017, you are madly in love with your partner but you have no food to eat. What are you going to do? Beg for food or walk into a grocery shop and buy food with love?

    Ever heard of The World’s Most Loving Couple?

    No. How about the World's Richest? Bet you have.

    Would you rather cry in a Porsche or on a bicycle?

    Love is important. Don't think it's’ not.

    But don't think for a second you can survive in this century, in this world, only on love with ZERO money.

  • Money is more important...

    Money is more important because you can always have more of it. If you love multiple spouses then your shunned because its unethical behavior but if you have $6billion no one with say anything to you because they can't have that much. Money is more then paper or coins. It's everything anyone needs to live in the most successful government. CAPITALISM!!!!!!!!

  • Money Gets You the Things You Need

    Have you ever tried to buy food, water, clothing, and/or a house just by telling the salesperson you love them? No, because you can't use love to live. It's not like love is a(n) item/resource you need to live. In fact, many people, like the Wright Brothers, never had a partner/spouse to live with and yet they were still successful. This proves that money is more important than love.

  • Money can't support you forever

    Money provides comfort and luxuries. But when it's gone, it doesn't come back. Unlike love, Love is endless, love is eternal, there are infinite sources where you can get love but a few which provide money for free....
    Money provides physical satisfaction and love provides mental satisfaction, mentally cool guy is wise and calm with better understanding but a physically satisfied person is nothing but a lazybones. Your body becomes weaker when you get comforts..

  • A man with money isn't necessarily a happy one

    Fine, money can buy luxuries and several other comforts in life. Money can also take out several hardships in life. However this all comes in the cost of love. The one thing that distinguishes a human from other animals is its love. Try to imagine a life with all the fortune you want but with no one that cares for you.

  • U can buy every thing with money but u cant buy pure love

    Money will give us temporary happiness but love will be everlasting,
    what if u have lots of money but nobody to share u r feelings and nobody is ther to love u as a person , all the money u made is nothing but waste paper with color full image, my personal view is we can make money any time but u cannnot make love happen, but unfortunately in todays world love is rare thing to find

  • Stop Being Spineless and Selfish

    Yes money is important. Sure it can buy food, it can buy a house. It pays rent. It makes the world go round and round. But the thing is its just material. I understand some people love material things. But look at that ..Love. Money is just another paradox men created to win the attention of women in this world. Its just another show of guns and abs. It was solely made for people to win the attention pf others around them. Without people around you, you would have never even noticed that you needed money to be recognized in the first place. But Of course People with materialistic minds will never understand this and thus be forever locked in the paradox of man

  • Love is important

    Money can't ever bring pure happiness and when you think it does, its temporary and can turn us into terrible people do to greed. Love lasts and there is no number, or price that can be put on it. People would do more for love than money. That is fact.

  • Really? People say that but don't mean it.

    People say that love is more, no money can buy love, love is powerful, but its pointless, people fight over these things, love cant buy our taxes, it can't buy us a new house, you knocked down a church just hug the person and it will all be paid for. NO thats not how it is, want a new car? Just kiss someone and its free, no money was put in this world for a reason, and there is not point going against it, its pointless. Money wins no matter how in love you are or weather you have a crush one someone. Money always wins.

  • Money isnt even real.

    Love is real, its ambiguous, and it's worth dying for. Money isnt even real, and the standard is the dollar which has only misery backing it... Not gold, and soon not even oil.... Money is the distraction used to exploit. And if money had any real value-why doesn't Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or Waltons kids smile much?

  • Money and love are two different categories

    No, I do not believe that money is more important than love. Love and money are two separate categories and should not be integrated at any time. Sometime in relationships the two are confused with one another, but I believe that some people "love" money and not the individual. If you can love a person when they do not have cash, then you should not venture into a relationship with that person.

  • Love more Important

    Money is not more important than love because of the intangible properies of love. Love is endless whereas money has its limits which the poor can attest to. That is why there is the stipulation that money is the root of all evil because love conquers all. There are negative connotations in regards to money and only positive attributes pertaining to love. Therefore, love is more important than money.

  • No it is not.

    Money is not more important than love. You could have all the money in the world, but no one in your life that you love or loves you, and you would be miserable. On the other end, you could be completely broke, but have love, and be happy as a clam.

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