• Circular Logic on the 'No' side

    Saying you need guns to protect yourself is true, But only true because weapons exist. The more weapons that exist, The more people think they need more weapons to protect themselves from other weapons and the cycle continues. The most valid answer to the question would be that a country should realistically have the exact amount of weapons they need to protect themselves but should ultimately attempt to work towards Foreign Policies and Demilitarization techniques that improve the world economy. A gun doesn't work, It doesn't produce food, It doesn't produce energy or homes or products or services. While a soldier might enable a country to steal from another country, Any first year macroeconomics student can tell you that from a global scale, That is a zero sum gain. It's as if someone made an air filter that runs on gasoline. "Of course we need our gasoline powered air filters! " Trump would say. "Look at all the gasoline powered air filters that China, Russia and North Korea are using! If we don't use ours, Then we won't have clean air! " And then everyone watching fox news would agree. Morons.

  • No government would risk nucllear annilation.

    Every war since WW2 was for profit of the war machine corporations not to protect our borders, Which is the military’s job. Not fighting for corporations to enslave and depopulate foreigners for profit of the banksters who loan the money’s to our government to buy weapons from the same peoples bomb and chemical weapons factories. War is a racket of the rich, FDR new the Japanese would strike Pearl Harbor 2 weeks in advance. Those who don’t study history are doom to repeat it.

  • Money spent on arms and weapons is a waste

    Do any countries of the world truly want peace? Or at least tolerate each other? Way too much money is spent to protect and incite fear and hatred in people, when all that money could be spent on healthcare, social programs, etc....Good things that would create jobs, save lives, and promote kindness, compassion, and understanding. And make the world a more pleasant place to live in. Making weapons promotes fear and prejudice It is a big waste of money....When so many people die, there are less people to do the disgusting work of making weapons, less sick people to sell them to,, and less money to be made. So, what's the point?

  • War war war all money no talk

    War is a money waster people could put that money to better use. This means that money could go to better places than pointless war. Did you know that over 1 trillion dollars is spent on war every year on just war materials which is not including the veterans salary per year which can go up to a large sum of money depending on the rank of the soldier. 1 trillion dollars a year is capable to save world hunger and put those people back on their feet. In the Us the average price for a cow is around a grand this cow can go along way. Overall war is a waster of many and that people can put that money to better use.

  • Only Police needed not Army

    Army is needed only because the outdated concept (Illusion) of countries and boundaries still exists to serve the selfish interests of a few heads of states. If the boundaries are done away with where is the need for army? A gun wielding enemy in the house next to you is more dangerous than an imaginary enemy across an artificial national boundary. To protect you from the enemy next door you need police. Only police system is sufficient

  • It is a waste

    Instead of funding the military we could use that money to solve actual problems like poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and many other problems. We could use thst money for the betterment of people's life and we could fund that money on science and technology, which would help the human race. If there were no military there would be no war, but we do need a form of military to overcome problems like terrorism, natural calamities and other various "stuffs". So i would like to suggest that we (UN) make a kind of military to help us in need. Each member of the UN could allocate a sum of $500,000, thus we would have to allocate less money for military and could focus on the above mentioned points.But i am only a 16 years old teenager, so what would i know!? I hope people agree with me.

  • Wasting money on arms and weapons is evil think

    Spending 596 billions of dollars in weapons that a lot of them are phased out and sitting in the dessert because during decades our country was threat but until today no one invade us beside it's ridiculous is insane and evil think. For me is like the government or the corporations who owned the weapons factories is more important doing business with evil money than looking for peace. And the biggest problem is they doing evil money without thinking about all this waste money affect the economy and then for we have defficit. We are not suppose to be panic or paranoid about other threat countries and we do not need even allies because our country is the only one who is very armed to destroy them in just one day if they want it. STOP SPENDING MONEY IN ARMS AND WEAPONS SOW PEACE AND LOVE THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH.

  • Wars, poverty, economic standpoint, all because of the large proportions of money spent to create a military based society?

    "Toy" guns are promoted to children as a play thing. But that's where it starts, isn't it? The more corporations promote the glorified idea of a military, the more people become involved in it. They are based on brutality and xenophobic standpoints. They use science as a way to destroy societies instead of as a way of saving them. The relationships of the soldiers that "bravely" go off to murder other soldiers in an attempt to solve a political problem? Ruptured. Is it bravery, or is it because this idea has been forced upon us since we were young? Who in their right mind would consider spending more money on ammo or the developing of drones that destroy the economy and the mentalities of the soldiers and people involuntarily involved be financially more important than funding schools or the scientific study of developing robots that can help medically? No one should. Human lives should come first.

    But, on the other hand, since

  • Theatre of the Absurd

    Spending trillions of dollars on weapons that will not be used is wasteful to say the least. 1% of the US military budget would feed and educate millions of children stuck in the poverty cycle. World leaders are not serious about peace and solving problems; they have been bought by the corporatocracy, they are puppets, and we the people are the corrupt system's slaves. Welcome to the show!

  • We spend like a drunken sailor.

    The United States spends more money on its military, including weapons and arms, than all other countries in the world combined. There is no need for us to do this other than providing corporate welfare for the military-industrial complex. We need to cut back that arms spending, or redirect it into social programs.

  • No, it is not a waste to protect ourselves.

    We need weapons in the military so that way they can protect us and themselves. If we did not have any weapons in the military, we would be taken over by terrorists or anybody with weapons. George Santana stated those who forget the past, repeat it. When the white man came to America, he conquered them because they had weapons, and of course disease helped play a role in their defeat!

  • No, It's not a waste

    A strong and safe nation will be the most likely to be cling with foreign investors that could strengthen the economic status of the country. Its never a waste since military strength if the foremost necessity for development and world power projection. Furthermore, Advanced weapons and arms can lessen the death toll of soldiers every year. In addition, Just like the famous saying said, "Survival of the fittest", That quote itself can be used as a reference for a strong and well-developed military strength and armaments. Nowadays, Many conflicts have spread and chaos are gradually popping everywhere, Without a proper and modern weapons and arms and also armed forces to pacify the chaos, The community or the state itself can crumble down to pieces and could go anarchy which is probably the most unimaginable future for the citizens living in that country. Military is needed because they are the ones who are trained and bred as warriors, Policemen are for cities and close contact with the majority but military personnel are the ones who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the country, One of their foot is already buried down the grave and their lives are endanger due to their profession and they are also the reason why we sleep, Play, Work, And talk safely and comfortably that's why the government should give emphasis to it's national defense rather than useless things.

  • For your protection

    Spending money on arms and weapons is not at all waste. Furious selfish states like india have to be given a strong fearful feeling so that they dont harm you . Moreover, to fight terrorism you need to have arms and weapons. To fight your enemy and to keep control over your country you shall have arm and weapons.

  • Not at all a waste

    Weapons are like keys with which we have freedom,if there were no weapons,the countries which are weak in warfare would easily be overtaken by the other countries and hence cannot attain any freedom. So,weapon is a essential thing in our living without which one cannot afford to live a good life.

  • No, it is never a waste

    Any country, not just America, needs to prove to the rest that they should be taken seriously. A country that does not spend money on arms will be treated as weak and as a joke. Here in America, we should be proud of our military capabilities and spending; it is one of the traits that make us respected and revered by our allies and feared by our enemies. Imagine no weapons...It would lead to foreign and domestic attacks and anarchy.

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