• This Is Obvious!

    Money is not the only form of success but you do need money to live and do basic things the more successful you are the more money you have most of the time so yes it is definitely a contributor to success and I don't think there should really be a debate on this at all.

  • Yes it is

    Money is definitely success. Money depicts how much you can get in life. That's why rich are happy and poor are super sad about everything. Also if you have money you have way more opportunities to things like power, Popularity, Etc. So taking all of this in account is is obvious that it is

  • No sh*t sherlock

    Duh. If you have infinite money you would have a great life. If you had infinite happiness or brains or whatever you would not get infinite money so your life would be worse. The more money you have the better. Money solves all problems. If the problem isn't solved, You don't have enough money.

  • If that's your goal.

    Many/most people want to be wealthy. No matter the profession, Wealth tends to be a measure of success. Tho some people claim you can't buy happiness, This is not really true. If your driving a piece of junk, Can't afford to go out, And work your butt off to live in a run down apartment would winning the lottery make you happy? Yes, Very much so. They say it can't buy love but how many women very attractive women do you know that would marry someone who is broke? With enough money, You can elevate your lifestyle, Have more choices on possible mates, Afford to send you kids to college and spend your retirement doing what you like instead of having to give up the idea of retirement so you can work a dead end job till the day you die.
    No matter what your ultimate goal is, Odds are it comes with financial bonuses so yes, Money is success.

  • No way, Man.

    Just look at all the rich, Famous, Successful people who have committed suicide. It is my contention that true happiness comes only from God. A Christian can lose everything and still be happy. I know. I've been there. Sure. Having money is nice. But after your basic needs are met, It doesn't mean anything.

  • Well Not exactly

    When people are successful they have money, But money is not a success. Success is having a great job which you are happy in, Having a wonderful family, Having support, Being happy. Like they say, Money won't make you happy and just because you have money, Doesn't exactly mean you will be happy

  • I don't think so

    I think that as long as you're happy with your life, You're successful. After all, If you're rich as cheesecake but don't enjoy your life, How are you successful. On the other hand, If you're a gas station worker making minimum wage, But that's what you want to do (for whatever reason) and you're genuinely happy with your life, Then you are a success

  • Just why just why

    Well to start with we need to keep the planet were on clean so we don't have to because to my understanding it's impossible we were put on this earth for a reason we weren't put on mars because it's impossible all the money I would even take all the building its impossible

  • Uh oh, Money is no success in your live man!

    Some of the people think that they are successful but they aren't. The money will never get to buy happiness and kindness. Also you won't be able to give the school money and pass the exam. In my opinion I believe that money haven"t been successful to equal everything.

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