• Monanto is evil because they make GMOs

    GMO's are insurmountably harmful to the human race. They cause disease, allergies, and harm reproductive fertility in humans. The active ingredient in Round-Up (glysophate) is directly linked to causing birth defects and a loss of reproductive ability; and yet it is still being mass produced and used on our food. The old adage "you are what you eat" is definitely true, and eating genetically modified food is mutating and killing humans.

  • Monsanto Big Secret

    Monsanto doesn't care about us. They are killing us slowly. They might look like they are saving the world, and that is what they want you to believe, but instead their increasing the risk of diseases and different types of cancer. Consider these questions, why is there company so secretive? Why wont they tell us what they put into the food? Why wont they let farmers produce their own food???

  • I want a better world for my children.

    Monsanto is an evil cooperation who is destroying the economy and killing off our citizens. The cancerous and dirty crops they sell to farmers before they flood the economy and mess all the small family farming communities up. They have basically total control of the American government and can basically do anything they want to.

  • Monsanto is evil because they are paving the way for the Beast (666) anti-Christ.

    If you control the food, you control the people. God designed all fruits and vegetables to be seed bearing, and to reproduce if you plant it. If you can afford to buy food, you should be able to reproduce the food you buy - for free. One kernel of corn can grow several ears of corn with hundreds of kernels. When Monsanto takes away our ability to grow our own seed bearing food, they can ultimately choose who gets food and who doesn't. Monsanto is directly in line with the evil noted in the Bible in the last days: no one will be able to buy or sell food unless they have the mark of the Beast. So if you don't want the mark of the Beast, and you can't grow your own food, how do you eat? That's what Monsanto is doing. Making sure that they control who gets food and how much they get. If that isn't the work of the devil, I don't know what is.

  • Monsanto is pure evil!

    Of course they are evil, any corporation that puts money before people's health and well being is evil. Monsanto is way too powerful and is putting organic farms out of business with their lawsuits and intimation tactics. We're talking about the company that lied to us and said that agent orange was safe. They manufactured other dangerous chemicals like DDT and PCBs. Not to mention an anonymous lobbyist snuck protection for Monsanto into a bill that was passed to avoid a total government shutdown. This just shows how much power they have and how much they've infiltrated and corrupted our government.

  • Monsanto is Sucrocorp

    I'd bet that their actual head is Dick Roman. Leviathans are there and preparing for world domination by getting people mutated with their twisted food. They forbid natural food but I am pretty sure that Monsanto top management consumes only natural food. That evil must be purged off the Earth as soon as possible.

  • Have you actually looked into the facts?

    I'm not going to get caught up in "do corp's have emotions" BS. We all know what a corp is. I have spent many hours (probably days) looking into this. I didn't mean or want to, I just got caught up in it because it is so absolutely stunning once you actually do. I dare anyone to spend a good deal of time checking facts on this subject. No other answer is even remotely possible, but you must challenge what is in your head now. If you look only where you want and then pat yourself on the back, you have only wasted your own time. Monsanto is simply a collection of people, most good, some bad, who want to keep their jobs. Everyone's time is very limited, we must all choose what to do with this precious resource. The "bad" in Monsanto are counting on this. And look how well it works! Their employees have these same time constraints, but with a vested interest in not looking.
    I am very much a lover of technology, and believe if done responsibly, is capable of solving the worlds problems, but this requires control. Profit, market share, returns, etc can make technology reckless. With their track record, Monsanto should be re-named "Reckless inc." (FDA approved, brought to you by BRAWNDO, the thirst mutilator!)
    I don't have children, and I'm not going to be around much longer, but I still care. I hope for future generations that people put aside political views in favor of facts. On a positive note, it's nice to know that all the rest of the worlds corporations are almost entirely fixed now so that the tree huggers can hardly find any other company's to hate! How else does this one company run away with such a huge majority of the their "most evil" vote year after year?

  • Monsanto Subverts & Perverts The Democratic Process

    Monsanto exemplifies everything that is bad about having money in politics. Their donations influence campaigns and politicians. They operate a revolving door into all three government branches and use regulatory agencies to draft protectionist rules and avoid regulation. The company uses political influence to place former employees in key leadership roles. A sitting Supreme Court justice who worked as a Monsanto attorney rules on Monsanto cases, as does a former solicitor general who advocated for the company. They use the Dept of State as a global sales and marketing force. They lobby to exempt themselves from not just the regulatory process but the law itself. The company has sullied the reputation of the Presidency due to a continuing stream of conflicts of interest in his appointments.

  • Let's care about the future.

    This is about capitalism, running over rational scientific thinking like a freight train. GM means uncontrollable future mutations of bacteria. Why leave future generations with problems that can be solved now? I care about the future of people and all living things, I wish others would appreciate their ecology and process of natural selection respectively.

  • Of course it is

    Agent Orange ALONE, its creation and usage was an evil act, and people are still suffering today because of it. And then there's the rest of it! Not to mention Bush Sr's involvement, well then you already know hands down you are dealing with a corporation whose soul intent is to make money. Monsanto is evil, without question in my opinion.

  • With a planet of 6 Billion people....

    It would be difficult if not impossible to feed the masses at affordable prices without disease resistant crops and insecticides. Organic is nice, trendy and pricey. If you can afford it, please indulge. For most though, the reality is they can't shop at Whole Foods. What exactly do you think would happen if our middle and lower classes started getting real hungry and real angry?

  • No Monsanto is Not Evil, Monsanto is a Corporate Entity

    Monsanto is a corporate entity. It is neither inherently good, nor is it evil. This organization has been responsible for some important agricultural advancements. However, consumers must educate themselves and make responsible purchases. It's important to remember that every dollar consumers spend with a corporation is a vote of confidence. If consumers spend without looking into the impact that their votes will have on the economy, themselves, and small producers, then it is consumers, and not the corporation who bear the responsibility for any of the evils that they allow to occur.

  • Feed the World! Not Just the Granola-Heads!

    People who argue against GMOs don't understand them. I have a Master's degree in biology. I have an understanding of genetics. Most people don't. That's unfortunate. Those people who consume only organic food can believe that they are healthier than everyone else, but there is no evidence for that. There is evidence that GMOs have the promise to feed more people in the world. I wonder if the Granola-Heads out there are truly concerned for people outside of their twittersphere.

  • Monsanto is not evil.


    Monsanto is trying to take control of the agricultural process across the entire world. They are producing seeds that they can acquire patents on that prevent farmers from using a part of their crop to use for seed for the next year, something that farmers have done throughout history. Monsanto now has patent rights on their seeds, and so once a farmer buys and uses Monsanto seeds he can no longer use seeds from his own crop in the next year. Farmers who don't use Monsanto seeds can still get into legal battles with Monsanto over using seeds from their own crops that have cross pollinated with Monsanto crops. Monsanto is destroying small farmers across the world in the interest of their corporate profits.

  • They feed us and we're fine

    There is so much misinformation about Monsanto regarding the supposed dangers of their crops. Yes Monsanto uses their patents to generate as much profit as possible, but so does Apple, for example. This is business as usual. Critique big corporations in general if you like, but Monsanto is not a "special" evil (or evil for that matter).

    We have been eating products yielded from Monsanto crops for a very long time. Claims that their food harms us are completely unsubstantiated. They have kept the cost of crops like corn low by developing ways to produce more crop yields than ever. Population is growing, and this wouldn't be as sustainable without the contributions of Monsanto.

    Demanding Monsanto be shut down or that GMO's be banned is ridiculous. I do not want people to starve and neither should you. Yes, that is the conclusion I draw: no Monsanto/GMO's = starvation.

    Yes, there have been horrific tragedies which have occurred at Monsanto's hands, for example the people who fell ill due to a bad reaction with Monsanto's herbicide. But this was a SMALL, isolated group and has not been repeated in the way some claim ("NWO," mass murder conspiracy theories). The lives lost in that tragedy should not be overlooked, but do not indicate Monsanto is deliberately killing people. It's unbelievable that some of you actually think that they would be!

    Monsanto has stopped producing controversial chemicals like Agent Orange. They have stopped producing many of the products people STILL criticize them for. What do you want them to do? Go back in history and delete having done that? War veterans claim to have been harmed by Agent Orange . . . I don't doubt there's truth to that. War is horrible. Horrible things happen to people in war. I mourn for these realities, as we all should. But that doesn't make Monsanto solely responsible for what happens during war. Countless hands go into the production of goods for war, including every one of your tax dollars. Should we all be held responsible? Perhaps it's those who start wars who should be criticized (but that's a whole other argument).

    I'm politically left of center. I support many far-left movements and progressive ideas. But this anti-Monsanto stuff comes off to me as sheep-flocking. Folks who fancy themselves liberals cheer on the bandwagon for issues they haven't taken the time to research, except from biased resources. I challenge every one of you who voted "Yes" on this site - or generally believes Monsanto is "evil" - to do comprehensive research on this corporation, and immerse yourselves in statistics; good and bad ones. I think this "good" and "evil" mentality is an oversimplified binary.

    I vote "no" on this, not because I think Monsanto are "saints" (or some other opposite of "evil"), but because I don't think we can intelligently declare a corporation that affordably feeds billions of people "evil," unless we are deliberately ignorant or conspiracy theorists.

  • Jobs help people

    Monsanto is a huge company, having several departments such as marketing, sales and finance, research, manufacturing, sales, IT and more. For those that wish Monsanto to "die" reap the consistences of putting several people out of jobs. Current unemployment is only at 7.4% as of aug. 2, 2013. Would you like to increase that without having any means of repairing it, would you like to pay for these peoples unemployment, i highly doubt it.

  • Monsanto victim of environmental agenda

    O is not evil. While the company has grown to become a monopoly and is overtaking the agricultural movement, the company is not inherently evil. It has done much good in the development of agricultural technology, as well as developing the first genetically engineered plant cell. The company also has been named company of the year in 2009 according to Forbes magazine. Calling a monopoly evil is very unfounded.
    Posted by: Anonymous

  • A vote for capitalism.

    Monsanto has been largely responsible for the Green Revolution that has been exported to the whole world. These new agricultural practices are feeding the world and are helping to bring the third world out of poverty. Monsanto did this to earn a profit at business. This is not evil. Earning a profit is good. Earning a profit means that you have been successful and have created something generally good.

    Over 20,000 people work for Monsanto. Are these people evil too? Not hardly. They are normal people doing their best. When they do well, the company does well. If the company fails, they fail too. If Monsanto is truly evil, they will fail, but I suspect they are still providing a useful service to the economy and will therefore continue to succeed.

  • They may have behaved arrogantly and immorally in the past

    But its a different case now. You should judge the company on what it is doing now and how it behaves today. I see no reason to hate them any more. Just keep a level playing field for all and a robust science based regulatory system in place. That is all.

  • Monsanto isn't Evil - People are Evil

    Monsanto wants what is in its best interests - growth and market share. Monsanto gives money to people in charge of making laws who are, in-turn, interested in what is best for them - reelection. These people make the laws that get them the money to get reelected. That needs to change, but it won't because the people in it can't see a way out.

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