• Yes, the group's influence on comedy has been compared to the Beatle's influence on music

    In 2005, members John Cleese, Eric Idle and Michael Palin were nominated amongst the 50 greatest comedians ever by fellow comedians and critics. The British group, whose show, which originally aired on the BBC network from 1969 through 1974, also garnered recognition from its 1975 film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

  • Generations of fans love Monty Python

    Get any large group of people together, and it's almost a certainty that they could start quoting some Monty Python sketches. When something is that big and popular, it certainly has influence in our society. Millions of people have discovered the sketches on YouTube and similar sites, so there's no reason Monty Python's influence would wane anytime soon.

  • Yes, Monty Python has a great influence among many people.

    Monty Python is not limited to toilet humor and goofball jokes. It provides social, cultural and political commentary that lasts through the ages. The members of Monty Python have been influential on comedy, pop culture and general media as well as notable figures of our time in many different capacities.

  • Yes, they are.

    Monty Python has been influential to millions of comedians throughout the last 50 years. They changed the way people do comedy, especially sketch comedy ,and many students of comedy and comedians still spend time studying and dissecting the way that Monty Python writes their sketches in an effort to emulate them.

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