• Morality is on the decline

    I am only a teenager, but i find it hard to live in this world where people don't value morals anymore. It is all about being cool, partying hard, sex, drugs, alcohol... It has pervaded all society, a key influence being the media. I feel sad that what we are taught to think and believe supports that entirely, all that keeps chaos is the justice system. Selfishness and pride is allowed to roam untamed, and it makes it hard to find decent people to become good friends with. Comparing the movies and media from decades ago to now, life seemed so much more simple and enjoyable, but of course many people nowadays would disagree because of the veneration of temporary highs and happiness and rebellious individualism.

  • Morality is on the decline

    Morality is practicing right behavior and conforming to standards. Since God is the one who defined morality, it is His standards we are to follow. His standards for loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind, for loving others, for keeping our oaths and promises made to others, for working ethically and not for our own gain, honoring our parents, for keeping our marriage covenant... We are in need of awakening our hearts and minds to the one who created us and loves us. God is calling us back to relationship with Him.

  • Morality is definitely declining

    I am a high school student and am saddened every time I walk into my high school to overhear my peers talking about how they "are going to totally get wasted and stoned tonight." Or about how they "were scared to death about their period being a few weeks late." Teenagers having sex, doing drugs, drinking and driving, heavily partying. The saddest of all is how the society now views these things as the norm, how they accepted as the society as something teenagers do to "express themselves." Really? Teenagers have to resort to becoming rebellious and doing illegal things to express themselves and find out who they really are? Whatever happened to writing poetry, painting, writing stories, singing, dancing to express themselves?

    The idea that keeping oneself happy is the most important thing has also contributed to the lack of morality. While I also agree that it is extremely necessary to be happy and healthy, the way our society has emphasized it has caused people to solely thing about themselves. Just think about the number of times you've heard someone (especially a teenager say) "I don't care what anyone else thinks, I do what I want. F*** everyone who tries to stop me or get in my way." The way our society has approached individual happiness has caused a decline in respect for others... Not only for teachers and other peers, but also for their parents. It has caused egotism, selfishness, disharmony, the lack of willingness to help others or compromise.

    While the society has gone in the right direction for numerous things like equality among all races and genders, it has completely surpassed all limits when it comes to individualism.

  • There is a decline, but there is hope.

    I really believe that the morals "of old" hardly exist in today's world. It is such a sad thing to hear an athiest say "You Christians are what is wrong with the world" and "The Church is dead". Some say "Religion is dead". This freedom that society wants...What exactly is it? And freedom from what? The sad thing is Jesus said He is the ONLY way to God, and it's like more and more people are completely rejecting Him because what He has to offer is not convinient enough with what they want. We want to give our kids the best in life, so in turn they are growing up having EVERYTHING in life, but at what cost? What will become to the generation after our kids grow up and have kids of their own?

    The only hope for this dying world IS Jesus. And the sooner people, society, the government, you name it, accept it, the better things will become. The heigher the chances that we will actually have a brilliant impact in the world. The more we can reach out to those who are looking for love in the wrong places. Those who resort to violence for acceptance. Those who don't really want to go against the crowd so they don't risk stranding alone. And those who believe a lie because they were told so.

    We as humans have a great opportunity to be redeemed back to our Creator. The One who comforts when no one else can. The One who is a Father to the fatherless. The One who not only can make our lives so much better, but who can actually make us completely new!! So new that we are never to be held captives by our past again! So new that we may as well have a brand new name!

    Our young generation more than ever are in need to this. Many of our parents have failed us because they chasing a freedom that weren't actually there. Just a delusion.

    My mother died as an alcoholic by the age of 47 because the life her parents were trying to guide her in, she didn't want because she wanted something "so much better". And it killed her.

    Wake up, people. Just because you don't see the powers of darkness, does not mean it's not there.

    But take heart- Jesus has already overcome the world! So awesome <3

  • Yes its on the decline

    I believe the western world in general is on a moral decline.
    Since when?

    Let's see....

    Segregation in the south and child labor in the north for 100+ years after the Revolutionary War? Check.

    AntiCatholicism? Check.

    Classical Liberalism? While it could be interpreted differently, the founding fathers created the Constitution to reflect liberalism. Heck, economic liberalism is still very popular among so-called "conservatives". A Constitution made to support a license for error and widespread support for an economic system that exploits the worker (more on this later)? Check.

    Social Liberalism? Yeah, abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, gay marriage, euthanasia, contraception, divorce. Some of that has been supported for about 80 years now. They've come up with more "progressive" ideas like forcing people to have abortions. So check.

    Economic Liberalism (American definition)? Sure, we rob future generations to spend recklessly, expand our government size, and mess with free markets. And on top of all of that we don't let poor countries get a chance to compete in the market on an international level to bring them out of poverty.

    Useless wars? Check.

    Torture? Check.

    Death penalty used? Check. Death penalty opposed by secularists for the wrong reasons? Check.

    Neoliberalism? Support for no regulations in the market and support for the decline of unions for a few years of prosperity? Outsourcing jobs? And therefore supporting child labor? Mass consumerism? Check.

    Consumerism to the extent that we don't care about God's creation? Check. Support for the environment by secularists for the wrong reasons? Check as well.

    Yes, we've been on a decline for a while and we are experiencing a further decline now.

  • Yes it is, just look at the news headlines. It scares the hell out of me.

    Yes it is, just look at the news. It scares the hell out of me. We had a good world in my generation. What I'm worried about is what my kids have in store for their future, it seems to get worse every year. Turn on the TV, the radio or look at the headlines on the internet and it makes you want to scream. Have people just lost their minds or is it they have lost touch with the real world? It also seems that now Christians and God are under attack from all directions and all regions. Will it ever get back to a common sense and common moral ground or will selfishness destroy us all in the end?

  • Morality has been sentenced to death row

    The music and what plays on television these days are complete trash. After spending a few hours watching and listening you become infested with the filth that is pouring from the media. Cuss words, violence, fornication, self gain, etc is now considered just a part of life... More and more people do not believe in god and I personally think we are going to hell in a handbasket.

  • Selfishness on the rise

    Too many people commit suicide, especially kids. While the old days I have heard about from my father were certainly not great, they were not so out of control as they are today. Young and old, are embroiled in drugs.. Breaking the law.. Swearing.. Drinking.. Not helping others.. Always thinking about sex.. And well, it seems to me that the breaking down of values and traditions passed down for generations, through all kinds of trials and wars, have simply been left to the wind. Now this can somtimes be fine, such as in American slavery - though I would say people are still trying to kill the blacks, and the blacks are honestly in such a bad place morally that one is repulsed - interracial marriage - though that can be confusing to children..
    Everything that gets in the way of pleasure is evil. Evil is good, and good is evil. Terrible. The wealth in the world truly has led people to say, Who is God, that I need him in my life? But there are still Christians. Thank God for that, he still has boots on the ground. And he can turn the worst catastrophe into the biggest miracles you ever see

  • We are definitely seeing a decline in morality

    Everybody is too consumed with having free-wheeling sex and having abortions because the unborn children are unwanted. Usually abortions are performed not because of instances where the mother's or child's life is in danger but because the unborn child is inconvenient. Couples are getting divorced left and right because they only love each other for a little bit and not forever. The media believes that homosexuality is okay,but all the insults and abuse coming from engaging in those actions are consequences of those actions. Even pastors today are loosening their morals and twist things from the Bible because it's what the public wants to hear and the public is too afraid to face the stone-cold truth. No, God does not hate homosexuals or any other sexuality or gender or whatever, but he does hate the immoral actions that everyone is engaging in. The world is degrading themselves to be like animals, but we were created to be humans and not animals. People are becoming more and more selfish and care only about themselves. Children are being taught the wrong way to live because they are so impressionable and don't understand what is right and wrong, yet parents who are corrupt and immoral teach them to behave in disgusting ways. The world has gone down the toilet in its virtues as a whole.

  • Things are getting worse.

    The breakdown in morals means a break down in society all together which is happening fast around the world in many different ways. Never has the world been so corrupt, never has their been such a disgraceful generation (no I'm not elderly either). It saddens me to read others comments who think the world today is fine, it's clearly not. I believe rules and certain guidelines were put in place to protect mankind not hinder it or hold it back. Leaving it up to someone to choose their own moral code is dangerous and quite insane, which is what this planet is becoming. Progress to what?

  • Morality isn't gone, you're just paying attention to the news

    Morality is still here. If anything, it's on the rise. As another commenter pointed out, our crime rates have actually been declining. The news likes to report attention grabbing articles, which gives the illusion of a country gone south. I don't think morality is on the decline, I think people are just finally at a point where they are paying more attention to the media because it is more readily available (smart phones, internet, and tv's are in most homes nowadays). It isn't morals that are falling, it's media awareness that is rising. And if you look around, you'll seee that there are still many decent people out there, doing their best to make this world a better place.

  • Morality is Evolving

    I believe that for the longest time, centuries even, a privileged few had a monopoly on what society could consider moral/immoral. Now we're a period where everyone has a say and the the results speak for themselves. We're reaching an age where almost everyone is aware that altruism is not only ethical, but practical, and beneficial on the whole. It's 2013 now and we don't need a book to tell us right from wrong anymore. Our government and parents are usually capable of instilling sufficient fear to keep people morally grounded. People need only consider probable out come for their actions to reach morally superior conclusions. When you consider the religious stances on homosexuality, women's equality, drinking, and discrimination, you'll realize that theism is actually the morally backwards institution keeping our planet morally stagnant. Time to grow up people. Once you start using magic to justify anything you do, morals go out the window.

  • Most statistics on the right track

    Less violence; less murder, less sexual violence, most things in the right direction. I dont have a problem with premairtal sex, cohabitation and so forth as I dont regard them as moral issues to begin with.
    We are going in the right direction, and we are evolving fast. The future looks good. Maybe we can reach society without god within a generation! Unfortunately it will take a while though it seems.

  • No, morality is not on the decline

    I don't think morality is going down hill at all. I think what is happening is, people are beginning to more and more shed the old way of thinking for their own individual thoughts. They are not caring so much what their elders, their church leaders, their politicians think of them and their behavior and are doing what makes them happy.

    In the past, they may have been easier to control, but now that is changing, and they are expressing themselves, being who they are and wanna be, no matter what anyone else may think of it.

    So I don't find it declining at all, I just see it as people defining their own moral code and standards as opposed to letting others define it for them. That's really how it is supposed to be anyway, one's morality should be a personal thing, not a one size fits all thing. Society is just going back to that.

  • Not that bad

    It’s kind of like those people that are out there predicting the literal end of the world. Every single time some ones has predicted the apocalypse, the date comes and goes and we find that we are still here. We have seen the end of slavery, equality for women, desegregation and gay marriage. Those that decry things like premarital sex, condoms and gay rights are missing the big picture. I think that a society where everyone is treated with the same basic dignity is what makes us moral.

  • Morally we're OK

    What does "moral" really mean? If "immoral" means "causing harm to other people", as in ethnic cleansing , enslaving people based on their race, or discrimination based on gender, then gay marriage, pornography, sex, reality TV, and the use of soft drugs are moral issues that pale in comparison to these issues recorded by history, even if some of these issues may be distasteful to some of us.

  • The Good Old Days Are a Lie

    I think the majority of people who would advocate going back to the dark ages are viewing the past wearing a pair of rose-colored-glasses. I don't think owning human slaves or marrying young girls off to old men was moral, nor was legal prostitution or subjugation of women. I do not equate the loss of conservative Christian ideals with moral decline. I call it progress.

  • Morality Isn't Declining, Love is Evolving

    Every time there is a horrible crime, it exacerbates a country on edge. Teen bullying, gay rights and abortion are part of our morals here in modern America. More instances of such things aren't a decline in morals. It simply means these things are getting more press. How people react to these tenets--by reaching out with love and compassion--means morality is far from declining in the world.

  • That is simply not true

    Morality isn't on the decline, it is simply changing, every human being on this earth has morales, serial killers have morals, rapists have morals, child molesters have morales, EVERYONE, so to say morale is on the decline is impossible as there are no ''set'' of morals that are universal .

    You could say ''well it's on the decline of the morals we're used to'' it's on the decline of the morals you personally are used to yes but not universally as there are no universal morales

  • No, we are doing so much better.

    Just as many people died in wars back then as now if you take into account the population growth. Religion is a restraint on freedom of logic and atheism is a restraint on belief. We still take in to account the good points and respect their choice. Back then if you didn't believe in God you were belittled, harmed, and possibly killed. We are happier now than we were then. We can love who we wish to and we can play around and live life to the best of our ability. Back then if you loved someone of different power, race, sex, you could have been killed or your life ruined. We are getting rid of things like death penalty slowly sure but we are. We have a say in matters and we can control ourselves and not be controlled.

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Anonymous says2013-04-16T22:46:22.170
As a Spenglerlist, I would agree that morality is on the decline. Let's look some of the patterns present in our society.

(1) The rampant materialism, narcissism, and hedonism that exists today.
(2) Art has gone from being an expression of the heart and soul to being a mindless subject of fashion.
(3) The civil society that once looked out for its neighbors and believed in self-sufficiency has become a welfare state that is only interested in the pursuit of money, power, status, and lust.
(4) The debate amongst many people about is it 'financially worth it to have children.'
(5) We are an entertainment and sports obsessed society - which is nothing moe than modern-day 'bread and circuses.'

5000 years of recorded human history have shown that history is not linear, but cyclical. And in our case, we are on the downslope of a slow and steady decline. And remember, every other previous culture, whether it be the Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, Maya, Babylonians, and a host of others, all thought they were smarter than the previous, that somehow they were smarter and 'progressive.' And every single one of them collapsed. Only our own arrogance would suppose we are different.