• They are intertwined ...

    It cannot be a politically good policy without also being a morally good one.

    You cannot be morally good without also being politically good.

    This only holds true because morality is subjective, politics are subjective, and both are made by the people participating in them.
    When they cease to match up ... There is conflict to remove the offending party and bring the two back into equilibrium.

  • They are not identical but they go together

    Morality is about what one ought to do. Politics consists of doings like anything else, so morality can be applied to politics. Is it morally right to have policy X? Note that just because a given action is morally wrong doesn't automatically mean that any given policy proposed against it is automatically morally right. What the policy actually will do, what the results will be of implementing it is what is truly important.

  • It's use in politics doesn't justify the validity of its use or its politicization.

    Yes, it is political. Its existence in politics is largely due to populism and appeasing the masses, both of which allow the politician to harness public support for political decisions. An argument can be raised that morality itself is politics, which would be correct, but this isn't a justification for its use in politics.

  • The two are separate

    This is similar to the debate on morality and religion; some people believe the two are connected, but they are independent. The central question of morality is "how ought we to live" and that is at the individual level, politics addresses this question at the societal level. The political sphere raises problems such as the possibility of outlawing social behavior that is arbitrary.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-11T02:50:07.317
I would like to read that book now. I wonder what Thomas' views would be seeing as how he was submersed in a much different political system than mine.
Proudlibertarian says2014-11-11T05:28:07.437
Yes morality is currently political, but it should not be.