Is morality real? Is it actually wrong to boil to babies in wax? Or is it up to each society to decide right and wrong?

Asked by: Ambassador95
  • Just because moral precepts may derive socially, doesn't mean they are irrelevant

    Morality is real specifically because we value life. No, it is not an objective thing, it is as simple as living is preferable to us to dying.

    This doesn't mean that you can say it is perfectly okay to boil babies in wax. Whether the truth of the benefits of morality come from social evolution, a higher power, or simple human reasoning, they still mark the difference between a functional and non-functional society.

    Things are wrong because we argue they are wrong, stemming from core values that we hold as a group, that allow us to exist as a group. If it was okay to boil babies in wax, we would still be in the dark ages, with in-groups fighting out-groups all across the board.

    This kind of pseudo-intellectual trolling is kind of pointless.

  • Reality check about morals

    This feels like an abusive question, but I stumbled upon it and feel compelled to attempt to answer it anyways. Let me flip the script, would you ever feel so heartless as to not condemn such a culture, if not I'd find just as much wrong with you as the culture itself. I don't know if such an argument came up in your or anyone's life, but I hope if it did you would have felt compassion or a little regret now and promise to feel compassion in the future.

  • It is wrong.

    God exists (see my debate for my proof) and since that is true we can now say that it is because everything that isn't something jesus would do do say is wrong. Morality is if something is good or bad but for this you need a set of rules or an example to follow thus reaching my conclusion.

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