• God is perfect

    If an all-knowing, all-powerful God exists, than morality bends to its will. Morality is a judgement, and an all-knowing God's judgement is absolute; our limited human perspective is inferior by comparison. If God says that genocide is good, than it becomes good under Its power. Morality is no longer subjective if a God exists because God created the universe and the concept of morality.

  • God's will is the source of moral goodness

    If God is the Creator, He did invent morality. As the Creator, He has the right to determine what is, and is not, good. Without that yardstick, individuals must determine for themselves what is good behavior and what is bad behavior. The fact that we may not understand the reasoning behind God's will does not, of itself, make God a tyrant.

  • Without An Objective Standard, Morality Is An Opinion

    Set aside the Judeo-Christian God for a moment, since it tends to make people squeamish and makes them feel like they're being judged. When you throw out whatever you're objective standard for morality is (whether it be God, Allah, Brahman, Zeus, etc.) then morality becomes whatever we as a group decide that morality is. When we leave morality to a straw poll, it ALWAYS sinks to the lowest common denominator. Why? Because all the people with a lower standard of morality have to say is "you're oppressing me with your higher standards". It's a continual and inevitable slippery slope that ends in anarchy and chaos (which is where we are headed). Whatever your standard of morality is, I may have a lower one. And as long as I can convince enough people that "I'm not hurting anyone" then my low morals becomes acceptable.
    Think about. Every standard of morality is lower today than it was 50 years. And you can say, "well, duh, it's because we're more liberated". But are we? We live in a culture of addiction as a result. Where we're addicted to our cellphones, we're addicted to our computers, we're addicted to video games, we're addicted to pornography, plus all the drugs and alcohol that we always had. Addiction is not liberation; addiction is enslavement. Our vices rule us and without a proper moral framework, we lack the objectivity to even see it.
    It doesn't have to be about a Judeo-Christian god, per se. As a Christian, I actually respect Muslims ten times more than I respect atheists. While I may not agree with all of their beliefs, I know they at least have a consistent moral framework that can be evaluated objectively. With Atheists and moral relativists, all I hear is "nothing is true; everything is permissible." Any small wonder your lives and your society look the way they do? No one has any morals anymore.

  • God's will is not the source of moral goodness

    The divine command theory has difficulties; if morality is whatever God wills, God invents morality. If God commanded genocide, that would make genocide good. But if God has no independent reason to will what he does, then morality has no rational structure and it makes God a tyrant. The alternative is that God wills what is good in itself; moral goodness exists independent of God.

  • Whatever who wills?

    To state that morality is whatever God wills, FIRST you would have to prove that He actually exists, because we don't even know if he COULD exist.
    In case the improbable turns probable and somebody somehow manages that: yeah, sure, it could be that God gets to define morality, but it wouldn't be morality as we understand it. According to our current moral standards, in the Bible God commits, or orders, some pretty immoral actions and provides some pretty immoral instructions.

  • No reason to think so.

    First you would need to determine that there is a god. And if morality is whatever god wills(supposing there is a god) then there is no immoral actions, because god couldn't possibly be doing something wrong..There's clearly to many problems with that logic to get into..4 more words needed done..

    Posted by: rja7
  • If so, we haven't met it yet...

    So far every take on got is embedded with all sorts of things that we find universally immoral (pretty much). Being anti-gay, slavery, men being held in higher regard than women, wearing mixed fabric clothes, shaving in certain ways, and a long list of other things are all considered immoral today, but have been sanctioned by god.

    That, in and of itself, tells us that we don't believe that.

    If god can 'will' murder into being moral, then I thing god is a moral thug. If god 'can't' then the moral rules exist regardless of god's influence.

    Plus... God would have to exist to will it.

  • God is true but the morals are repetitive.

    We already have morals and we just kind of came up with them and the bible is just restating what we already know and the commandments were pretty much the guidelines of the early years but now we should know better because we live in an advanced society knowing our morals.

  • All- powerfull or all-good

    God, whoever he/she is is not all powerful nor all good. Neil Degrasse Tyson brought this up in an interview. This question proposes that god is all powerful, then according to Tysons theory it is. But if God is all good, and not all powerful 1) can he even be worshiped and called God and 2) it would not be possible because he would allow bad things to happen

  • Helllllll tooo theee noooooo- noooo

    I mean duhh.. Can you say this in the world without a bridge to cross the river over a dragon with a wing the size of my foot which is currently under my butt bed=sides the point irrelevent but just no dont do drugd kids only if it is weed thoooo

  • We already have morals.

    Life, not religious scripture, teaches us right from wrong. We know we what we like an what we don't, as far as how others treat us. We consider those things good or bad respectively. Much of the bible just reconfirms what we already know, like how it's wrong to steal, kill, or lie. Problem is, the bible also tries to add to that list by making it immoral not to believe in their god and his other judgement.

  • Kind of a loaded question and opinion

    But I will do what I can to answer it. I am a devoted Christian, I will admit my bias, however- I believe that I can keep objective.
    There's a difference between morality and justification. When people proclaim that God's will is "right and just," I think of it as if they are saying "He is right in doing so." The difference I mean here is that morality is good/bad, while justification is reason. By proclaiming "He is right in doing so" you say that God had a reason and that it was "good" that he acted upon it. God can be justified in all cases- just as everything in life has reason, everything in His plan has reason. So, it is good that He made that/a decision out of reason.

    But, that doesn't answer the question. To answer the question, no, I don't believe morality is whatever God wills. You speak of will under the context of right vs. Wrong, which is quite a complex philosophy in itself. Either way, how I look at is that just because something is right for God to do, doesn't mean it's good for you. Referring to your example about genocide- genocide may be right for God to enforce, but not for you. In essence, I believe morality has naturally formed- it isn't enforced or created by God, it is just what has appeared in society especially at the time we see "good/bad" such as temptation vs. Resistance in the Beginning, or the Genesis with the snake vs. God's order.

    Hopefully this all makes sense, thanks for the read, and have a great week everyone! Please feel free to message, debate, or comment at any point. I am happy to discuss!

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