• So many hours of gameplay, I like that!

    If you played elder scrolls 3 you probably know that the graphics are not aesthetically pleasing, but Skyrim is the same. The lack of markers and fast travel make the game a lot more fun. If you watched Peanut Butter Gamer's top ten games to have on a deserted island on YouTube, he will agree. Whats more is that there is a creepy pasta of Morrowind that involves a world with no NPCs except for a monster called the Assassin that will hunt you down and kill you slowly. This makes the game a lot more mysterious.

  • Choices actually matter and have consequence

    In Morrowind, there's no fast travel or marker. NPCs give you directions. There are actually classes. No essential NPCs. Multiple armor pieces, types, and weaopns. More spells and spell making. Much better story and writing. You choices actually matter, and have consequences with guilds and quests. They both have beautiful and diverse game worlds. Morrowind has better music, although this is very subjective. They are both excellent. In Morrowind, the game doesn't hold your hand like in Skyrim. You can actually fail in Morrowind, whereas in Skyrim the only way you can fail is to die.

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