• We are the world~~

    You can tell just by looking at the time. In general, Governments around the world are increasing taxes. And they are printing money. Gift certificates Internet money Cash local currency ~~ If you ask yourself whether taxes can be used rationally with the operation of the national system, The answer will come. . The government always loses Seeking finances.

  • Are you serious?

    Every time you get a paycheck, Buy groceries, Use utilities, Use your money in ANY way, Or simply own a home, The government takes your money without your consent, Often giving you and your community little to nothing in return. Ineffective and inefficient government programs and services rely on tax money. If private companies and corporations can function so well without stealing from people without consent, Why can’t the government do the same?

  • Yes it is

    No I’m not arguing that paying for public services through taxes such as police force, Military, Firefighters, Etc is theft. But there’s a lot of other programs we don’t need such as the NSA where all they do is spy on us and violate our 4th amendment privacy rights and were forced to pay for it at the barrel of a gun. EPA can regulate whatever they want and call it “public health” or “environmental health” or whatever paid for by your tax dollars. The IRS can just come after you and confiscate your money paid for by your tax payer money. If the founding fathers came back to life they would be outraged by how high the taxes are and what our tax money is going to. There was a time where the government did not need so much money because the government didn’t have so many government organizations where the income tax was 0% (everything was affordable through other taxes that were way lower). Because these programs violate our rights and come after us once again paid by your tax money this type of taxation is theft

  • No it is not

    It is necessary to fund important government services, Such as healthcare and welfare, Although I can see why it could be considered theft, Especially if the government misuses tax money (private cruises etc), But overall it is not theft and an important aspect of the economy, Especially in capitalism driven countries.

  • Nothing is Free

    "Most" is the problematic word here. "Most" taxes pay for roads, Education, Healthcare (I'm Canadian), Emergency services, Water, Sewage treatment, Parking lot upkeep, Garbage and recycling, Tree removal, Unemployment insurance, Old age pension, Parks and recreation, And salaries for the employees who make these things and more happen. I fail to understand why paying for the services we all need, Want, And use daily is viewed in any way as theft. Furthermore, Corporations are less and less responsible citizens who provide workers with pensions, Stable work, Or a living wage, So the "look after yourself through working hard" way of life is becoming extinct. Without taxes, There is no social safety net for hardworking people who find themselves, As many do right now, Out of work through no fault of their own. Taxation is necessary, But our engagement in civic responsibility (voting, Being informed, Etc. ) is necessary to ensure that tax collection and spending responsibly represents community, Provincial and national needs.

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