• Breaking it down

    Pretty much a constant squat while trying to hang on to a 100kg weight dangling below you with the equivalent of a guy your weight jumping on your shoulders now and then when you land jumps while you are trying to maneuver the heavy weight. All while negotiating a track and others.

  • Motocross is the hardest sport on the earth.

    Motocross is the toughest sport on the planet. Your heart beat is 190 a minute for 30minutes and 2 laps. In basket ball football your heart beat maybe gets 160-170 a minute. In football you do your play. Your play maybe is 20seconds you go back yo the quarterback and your there for 45 seconds to a minute. Your able to get some water or Gatorade. In motocross your on your own the hole time,

  • I don't agree

    I don't agree with this because i am Kent champion 3 years in arrow "the dear devil " iv been riding for 12 years
    and love the sport it make me laugh when people say it the hard is sport to do "im the dear devil " i would love to meet the people who say it the hardest sport

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