Is motorized vehichle important to daily lives? Why or why not

Asked by: awesomezane
  • Great distances need to be traveled quickly in modern society.

    Areas with large populations like cities have no room for agriculture much less enough room to feed the entire population of the city. This means that almost all food has to be imported from great distances. Many foods have a short shelf life and last even less time without refrigeration. Without motorized vehicles like truck, life in cities and even most towns would not be possible. Not only are they important, they are necessary.

  • Depends on the situation

    In many, and most situations, motorized vehicles are essential for development. In response to the argument that cars cause unnecessary deaths, you also have to look at how many lives motorized vehicles save. They allow for emergency responders to arrive to an emergency very quickly, especially for people who live away from urban areas and without motorized vehicles they would have to be self-sufficient.

    On the other hand it does have a few downfalls. I do agree that it is unnecessary for people to have cars when every resource needed is a few miles apart. Similar to 00r3d I would say that public transportation would be a better option for the urban population, but that does not mean that motorized vehicles have not helped us.

    So although public transportation is a better option for many people, this does not mean that motorized vehicles are not important to our daily lives. The ease and convenience they create are enough to justify this development.

  • It helps us

    It helps us to go to places faster, easier and less tiring. Also it can have a gps or entertainment so they wont get bored when they are driving or riding it. Also it can fir more than 1 person in or on it. There are also different styles of it.

  • Suburbs are designs poorly

    I have numerous civil engineering friends (or wanna be) who say that the idea of cities expanding (out ward) is unsustainable. This seems to be true as traffic builds up as is visible in many cities. If instead we built up, everything you need would be found within a easily manageable distance. If more people used public transit, there would be improvements in it, and it would be able to better transport people. And so it will perpetuate itself. I personally would like to own a car when i get a real career, but i currently intend on living sufficiently close to work to not need it (always).
    As for speed, cars are faster, easier and less tiring, not so much. If you have no time limit (or flexible) it is actually relaxing not dealing with other a**holes who are all in hurries. You can play any game you want on transit, without being distracted, crashing and dieing.

  • If you've voted yes then you've been brainwashed

    By saying yes, you have fallen into consumerist trap that all large corporations want you to be in.

    Are motorized vehicles important to daily life? Possibly..

    But are they worth causing 3,287 unnecessary deaths per day?

    Also- are our planets resources (which unnecessary use of cars is draining) important to daily life?

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