• Time to answer one of the worlds biggest questions

    There are countless reasons why Mr Peake is better than Mr Lee- but clearly the most significant is Mr Peake's ability, and adversely Mr Lee's inability, to grow a beard. During the Medieval era, having a beard was a sign of virility and honour and thus knights were encouraged to grow their facial hair. We can transfer this sign of masculinity to the case of Peake and Lee.

  • Lets look at the evidence

    A Historian is nothing without evidence...
    Exhibit A: Beards are indeed a sign of virility and honour and if we look at the pictures of this post, this evidence would suggest I am clearly more virile and honourable!
    Exhibit B: Although I respect Mr Peake as a colleague, I believe his social skills to be limited by his mental age.

  • Mr Peake is not better than Mr Lee

    Mr Orr's argument focuses on customs and beliefs held during the medieval period. One particularly important, and specifically knightly belief during this time was that of modesty. It would therefore be wrong of myself to praise my own attributes ahead of those of my head of department - and in a bid to seem the 'bigger man', I will uphold the virtues of Mr Lee.

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